Neuroscience Minor


Neuroscience Minor

Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary field that studies the nervous system. This includes studies ranging from the molecular and cellular events underlying, e.g., vision or smell, to uncovering the location and connectivity of brain areas that underlie fear, empathy, decision-making, memory formation, and other cognitive functions.

Neuroscience has experienced a tremendous growth as a discipline. Indeed, the National Institutes of Health have begun the BRAIN initiative, a nationwide long-term initiative to revolutionize our understanding of the human brain, with a budget of $46 million in 2014 alone.

To prepare students for this emerging field, Dyson College offers a 14-15 credit minor in neuroscience as a joint venture between the departments of Biology and Psychology. The courses are taught by professors that are recognized as well-published experts and researchers in their respective fields, delivering a cutting-edge perspective on neuroscience.

The neuroscience minor is designed to give Pace graduates the pre-professional skills, experience, and theoretical background necessary to succeed in competitive graduate programs, medical schools or other advanced degree programs. In addition, because of the interdisciplinary nature of the minor, students will emerge as competitive candidates for high-demand jobs in the medical and healthcare-related fields, government, marketing, psychotherapy, education, various areas within the pharmaceutical industry, and other fields requiring strong analytical and synthetic skills.

Required Courses (11 credits)   Credits   Prerequisites
BIO 325   Neurobiology   3   Non-science majors: BIO 124
Science majors: BIO 101 and CHE 111
PSY 315   Cognitive Psychology   4   PSY 112
INT 299S   Systems Behavioral Neuroscience   4   All preceding courses

Only one course from another institution can be credited towards the minor. A grade of C- or better must be earned for any of the Neuroscience Minor courses to be counted towards the minor. A 'P' grade is not acceptable.

Electives: students are required to choose one from the following electives (3-4 credits).
(Other courses may be eligible with the prior approval by Dr. Buraei or Dr. Zaccario)

Electives   Credits
PSY 375   Lifespan Developmental Psychology   4
PSY 320   Abnormal Psychology I   3
BIO 243   General Endocrinology   4
BIO 372   Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology   4
BIO 335   Cellular and Molecular Biology   4
BIO 334   General Physiology   4
BIO 345   Toxicology   3
BIO 346   Introduction to Basic Pharmacology   3


For more information, contact:

Zafir Buraei, PhD
(212) 346-1625

Michele Zaccario, PhD
(212) 346-1795