School Psychology


School Psychology

This 69-credit hour MSEd degree program in School Psychology prepares students to provide psychoeducational services in the school setting. Students receive course and field work in assessment, consultation, and intervention. Students are trained to provide assessment and diagnostic services for individual children and adolescents, design and implement school research and evaluation projects, and offer assistance to teachers and other educational professionals. Students in this program receive psychological service training in a variety of university and field settings. Course work is offered in psychological foundation areas, as well as in the professional practice of psychology. Course work is taken on Pace University’s NYC campus in lower Manhattan’ practicum work occurs on campus in the Thomas J. McShane Cetner for Psychological Services, as well as in school districts through the New York metropolitan area. Field work begins with experiential activities and extends to formal training opportunities in the McShane Center and metropolitan area school settings. The MSEd includes a final school psychology internship, typically in a school district in the New York Metropolitan area.

Note: Bilingual students who are enrolled in the MSEd program in School Psychology are eligible to complete additional coursework and practicum experiences that allow them to be eligible for the Bilingual Education Extension (PPS/ADMIN) to the New York Sate training certificate in School Psychology. Students in this program received training that enables them to provide school psychological services to children in both monolingual and bilingual settings. Additional coursework focuses more intensively on the theory and practice of bilingual/multicultural education and methods of providing psychological services in the target language. Students received integrated training from psychology and speech and language faculty in the area of bilingual language development and disorders. Learn more about the Bilingual School Psychology specialization.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

The MSEd in School Psychology and the MSEd in School Psychology (with a Specialization in Bilingual School Psychology) are professional practice training programs, preparing graduates to work in educational facilities, such as school districts. In order to be eligible for the Bilingual School Psychology Certificate students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language. Students in these programs enroll for a minimum of three years of course work, which includes a one-year, 1,200 clock hour internship. Many graduates of these programs work in New York metropolitan school districts.

Students who have already completed the course work and internship requirements of a school psychology program and are eligible for New York State School Psychology Certification are eligible to apply for advanced standing in the PsyD program. Regardless of advanced standing status, all students complete the 110 credit hour PsyD program.