Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE)

The Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) in Dyson College of Arts and Sciences provides leadership, coordination and support to student-faculty research collaborations, faculty grant-funded research projects and programs, and opportunities for service learning. CURE is part of Dyson College’s long-standing and ongoing commitment to build a research culture at Pace University. CURE is one component in Dyson’s efforts to innovatively enhance the quality of both the academic experience and overall student life. Concurrently, CURE also evolved from Pace University’s membership in the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR), a national organization of over 900 colleges and universities whose mission is to “support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.”  During the 2013-2014 academic year CURE leadership helped obtain “Enhanced CUR Institutional Membership” status for Pace University that offers valuable benefits for students, faculty and staff. View the benefits on the official CUR website. Dr. Maria Iacullo-Bird can be contacted for information on how to become a Pace member of CUR.

For over thirty years Dyson has been fostering faculty-student research collaborations. Undergraduate research in Dyson College encourages student collaboration with faculty in a variety of creative and scholarly endeavors that may include publications, presentations at symposia, poster sessions, performances and website development. In recognition that sustained and intensive faculty mentoring cultivates strong undergraduate achievement and retention, CURE works to strengthen existing student-faculty research and the fostering of opportunities for new partnerships through the Society of Fellows of Dyson College and the Dyson College Summer Research Programs consisting of the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Initiative and the Faculty Research Grants.

The Society of Fellows of Dyson College is the premier honors organization in the College that features a Fall Weekend Seminar, a Spring Annual Meeting which is a one-day undergraduate research conference, and the student journal Transactions. More information about the Fellows can be accessed at the Society of Fellows webpage.

In 2008 Dyson College Dean Nira Herrmann decided to increase undergraduate research support by providing for a competitive funding program patterned on the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program at the National Science Foundation but extended to all arts and science fields in the College. The goal of the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Initiative Award has been to provide an immersion experience for students where they focus for ten weeks during the summer months on a research or artistic project in collaboration with a faculty member. The Faculty Research Grants provide summer funding for faculty research-related, travel, equipment and supplies.

Additionally, as part of its work to advance student-faculty collaboration and scholarship, CURE processes Dyson’s external funding grant clearance applications and offers support for both internal and external research-funding. As part of that support, CURE created on Blackboard the “Dyson College Research and Grant Community” as a Dyson faculty grant resource tool. CURE works collaboratively with the Office of Sponsored Research to keep this information current.

CURE also offers experiential learning to Pace students through grant programs such as the Jumpstart AmeriCorps Program.

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Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences at Dyson College
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Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences at Dyson College
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