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Charlene Hoegler

UNV 101 advisor and BIO 491 advisor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences


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    Costello House Room 204
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"Be not weary in well-doing..."


Charlene Blando-Hoegler, Ph.D., of the Biology Department, supports the Pace mission of Opportunitas. She enthusiastically shares with students the exciting ideas and possibilities offered in biology. She is President of the Pace University Sigma Xi Chapter (an international scientific society) and coordinates her departments Pre-professional Advisement. She has taught a variety of courses for both majors and non-majors. In collaboration with research colleagues at New York Medical College, Dr. Hoegler studies heart disease and metabolism. She has published posters and articles in FASEB and ABLE Conference journals.


BS , Fordham University , Bronx, N.Y.

MS , Fordham University , Bronx, N.Y.

PhD , Fordham University , Bronx, N.Y.

Awards and Honors

  • Pace University, April 2012 - Pace University Dyson Fellow
  • Dyson College- Pace University, March 2006 - Dyson College Distinguished Contribution to General Education Award
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation, July 1999 - Woodrow Wilson Foundation "Biodiversity Institute" V
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation, July 1998 - Woodrow Wilson Foundation "Biodiversity Institute" IV
  • Edvotek Biotechnology Corp., August 1997 - Edvotek/ Georgetown University Competitive Grant
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation, July 1997 - Woodrow Wilson Foundation "Biodiversity Institute" III
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation, July 1996 - Woodrow Wilson Foundation "Biodiversity Institute" II
  • Woodrow Wilson Foundation, July 1995 - Woodrow Wilson Foundation "Biodiversity Institute" I
  • Archdiocese of New York, 1990 - Elizabeth Anne Seton Award
  • Cold Spring Harbor Research Institute, July 1989 - DNA Learning Center Grant at Cold Spring Harbor


Hoegler, C. B. & Hoegler, C. S. Evo-devo II: Does seedling protein biochemistry reflect plant phylogeny and development?.


Dr. Hoegler's major interests involve connective tissue changes in arteries following balloon angioplasty and the biochemistry of heart failure. In addition she studies the evolution and development of seeds and seedlings in the families of Brassicaceae and Fabaceae.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts


  • National Society for Histotechnology , September 2015
    Consortium of professional histologists and histopathologists working in scientific and medical fields to advance the profession.
  • Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies [active member & conference organizer] , March 5 , 2015
    Pace Academy examines and discusses environmental issues, innovations and opportunities from the perspective of a university's unique role in society...as a hub for critical thinking, a laboratory for testing ideas and an intellectual resource.
  • American Association of Anatomists , January 1 , 2007
    This professional organization promotes research which deals with the anatomy, microscopy and histology of tissues. As a trained histologist, I have contributed research in the area of balloon angioplasty which involved a collaboration with facully of New York Medical College. This work was presented at the Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference Meetings in 2007.
  • Association for Biological Laboratory Education , March 2002
    This organization acts as a national archive for promoting techniques essential for building the infrastructure of college biology courses which require a laboratory investigative component. During the last 5 years, I have contributed exercises and initiated student lab investigations useful to college teachers. These contributions have taken the form of workshop presentations at annual association meeting as well as publications.
  • Sigma Xi: (International Scientific Research Society) [President of Pace U Chapter(#695)] , January 1 , 1976
    This international organization (with over 80,000 members)promotes the dissemination of science topics throughout the university. It sponsors on campus lectures 6 times each year. Within the last 10 years ,our chapter organization has earned the distinction of being "Chapter of Excellence" 2002,2008,and 2013.


  • Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies [Committee Member]
    Desc: Pace Academy supports many environmental themed activities. As the Biology Dept. Representative, I have helped to organize several bioethics forums dealing with ecology issues in New York including: "Water Wars"; "GMO- Foods You Design"; CAFOs, Yogurt and NYS" "GenEn in NY's Future"
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: The ideas explored in these bioethics forums are formulated into policy suggestions with the help of Pace Law School faculty & students. They are subsequently presented to NYS law-makers in Albany with assistance from Pace Academy specialists.
  • Earth Month Coordinating Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: As a member of the Biology Dept, I am interested in programs that are interdisciplinary and feature a science component. This Earth Month effort takes place over a 30 day time-span; it includes a variety of environmentally themed ideas from many Pace U. departments. The programs are open to the general public and serve as a wonderful out-reach to our surrounding communities.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Earth Month has been successfully running for 10 years. Each year we notice more interest and involvement from our colleagues.
  • Environmental University Day [Other]
    Desc: Each year we bring 150-170 high school students onto the Pace Campus for an environmental experience. In the morning they listen to a lecture and panel discussion about an environmental issue, This is followed by a hands-on lab experience or field experience on the Pace Campus. After lunch the students enjoy and learn from an ecology/ animal behavior presentation by James Eyring, Pace Naturalist. We have hosted this event for 10 years.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Many area high school students have journeyed to the Pace Campus with their teachers and science coordinators. This advertises the Pace University name and programs in a very positive, exciting manner.
  • Peace, Justice and Sustainability Committee (PJS) [Committee Member]
    Desc: As the Biology Dept representative and a very interested party, I enthusiastically joined this PJS Committe. I endorse their policy of sensitizing students and faculty to issues of non-violence, human rights and environmental sustainability.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: This PJS Committee has implemented a variety of bioethics forums over many years. There is a PLV Campus branch and a NYC Campus branch. They have co-sponsored several lecture/ panel discussions including "Darwin 200", "Hyped Health Risks", "Water Wars", "Conflict and Health" and "Health Effects of Human Trafficking" .
  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society [Other]
    Desc: In the context of service to Dyson College, Dr. Mortola and Dean Houle established the Pace University Sigma Xi Club in 1972. They had an election and 1976 and I was selected to carry on the academic traditions of out Club. Over the years I have built it into a award-winning Chapter (see awards section).
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Dyson College and Sigma Xi co-sponsor many of the bioethics forum presentations (see activities).


  • Campus Culture and Activities Committee [Committee Member]
    Desc: As a member of the CC&A Sustainability Subcommittee I have worked to promote the adoption of environmentally acceptable practices throughout our University.
    Committee's Key Accomplishments: Among successful interventions of our subcommittee we now have recycled paper, 2-sided printing, soy inks collection of used paper, non-disposable (re-cycled) caps and gowns etc. Students are also encouraged to take an environmental pledge before graduation to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their daily lives.
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