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Michael Finewood

Assistant Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Environmental Studies and Science

  • @Pleasantville
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I am a human geographer and political ecologist with interests in environmental governance, water, climate change, urban sustainability, equity, and justice.


PhD , University of South Carolina , Columbia, SC , 2010

MA , University of South Carolina , Columbia, SC , 2005

BA , North Carolina State University , Raleigh, NC , 2003


Finewood, M. H. (2016). Combined sewer overflows, grey epistemologies, and the urban political ecology of Pittsburgh's water governance. Antipode. Vol 48 (Issue 4) , pages 1000-1021. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/anti.12238/full

Finewood, M. H. & Martin, L. (2016). If that would have happened: the moral imperative of environmental history. Laura Taylor & Patrick T. Hurley (Eds.), A Political Ecology of Exurbia. . , pages 179-196. http://www.springer.com/in/book/9783319294605#aboutAuthors

Finewood, M. H. (2015). Climate Change: How We Know is as Important as What We Know. Passages. Vol 117 (Issue 5) http://www.pasafarming.org/files/newsletter-archives/november-december- 2015/at_download/file

Finewood, M. H. & Holifield, R. (2015). Critical approaches to urban water governance: From critique to justice, democracy, and transdisciplinary collaboration. WIREs Water. Vol 2 (Issue 2) , pages 85-96. http://wires.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WiresArticle/wisId-WAT21066.html


Finewood, M. H. & Matsler, M. (2017). American Association of Geographers. Governing Through Barriers: An Urban Political Ecology of Green Infrastructure Implementation in Pittsburgh, PA. Boston, MA

Finewood, M. H., Matsler, M. & Zivkovich, J. (2017). Dimensions of Political Ecology. Governing through barriers: the implications of categorizing barriers to green infrastructure in a post-industrial city. Lexington, KY

Finewood, M. H. & Zivkovich, J. (2016). Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Is it really political? An exploration of barriers to green infrastructure implementation in Pittsburgh. Washington, DC

Finewood, M. H. (2016). Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference. Situated urban political ecology and the injustice of watershed-based stormwater management. Lexington, Kentucky


I utilize training as a social scientist to study the ways communities manage their relationship to nonhuman nature. My primary research project focuses on urban stormwater governance with particular attention to green infrastructure. I also work on an interview-based project that explores the ways farmers perceive and adapt to a changing climate.


  • Hudson River Watershed Alliance [Board] 2017
  • Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences [Secretary] 2011
  • American Association of Geographers 2005
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