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Mark Hussey

Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

English - NYC

  • @New York City
    41 Park Row 1511


BA, Leeds University, UK

PhD, Nottingham University, Uk

Awards and Honors

National Endowment for the Humanities, February 1, 2017 - NEH Faculty Fellowship
Pace, September 1, 2015 - Distinguished Professorship
Pace University, May 2009 - Kenan Award for Teaching
Dyson College, April 2009 - Dyson Excellence in Scholarship


Hussey, M. (2021, April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 1). Clive Bell and the Making of Modernism. London, UK: Bloomsbury. (Issue first) , pages 587. http://bloomsbury.com

Hussey, M. Foreword. Caroline Marie, Anne-Laure Rigeade, Monica Latham (Eds.), Recycling Woolf in Contemporary Art and Literature. Boca Raton FL, USA: Routledge.

Hussey, M. (2019, September 23). Significant Form and Aesthetic Emotion: Bloomsbury Theorizes Modern Art's “Mysterious Laws” of Creativity. Suzanne Nalbantian and Paul M. Matthews (Eds.), Secrets of Creativity: What Neuroscience, the Arts, and Our Minds Reveal. Oxford, USA: Oxford UP. , pages 336-352.

Hussey, M. (2018, June 14). Case Study: Clive Bell and the Legacies of Significant Form. Derek Ryan and Stephen Ross (Eds.), The Handbook to the Bloomsbury Group. London, United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Academic. , pages 60-73. http://https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-handbook-to-the-bloomsbury-group-9781350014930/

Hussey, M. (2016, June). Modernism's Print Cultures. London, UK: Bloomsbury Academic. , pages 232. http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/modernisms-print-cultures-9781472573254/

Hussey, M. (2016, June 1). 'Could I Sue a Dead Person': Rebecca West and Virginia Woolf. , pages 189-195. http://https://liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/collections/series-clemson-university-press-woolf-selected-papers/edited-by-julie-vandivere-and-megan-hicks


Hussey, M. (2016, August 25). 3rd Korea-Japan Virginia Woolf Conference. Voyaging Out: Clive Bell and Virginia Woolf. Virginia Woolf Society of Korea, Kookmin University, Seoul, S. Korea.


Modernist studies; print culture; Virginia Woolf; war writing; auto/biography; reading; sexualities..

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

NEH Fellowship
Hussey, M. February 2017 - August 2017. NEH , Federal , $29,400.00. Funded.


Council of Editors of Learned Journals

International Virginia Woolf Society

Modern Language Association

Modernist Studies Association

Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain


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