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Robert Mundy

Associate Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

English and Modern Language Studies

  • @Pleasantville
    Choate House 257
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Doctor of Arts (D.A.), St. John's University
English, Composition/Rhetoric

MA, CUNY Graduate Center,
Gender Studies

BA, Stony Brook University English


Awards and Honors

2017 - Kenan Award
2017 - Scholarly Research Award
2016 - Dyson Society of Fellows
Pace University, 2016 - STAR Award
2015 - Residence Life Award: Outstanding Partnership and Support


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As an Assistant Professor in the English and Modern Languages Department at Pace University, Professor Mundy teaches both composition and gender studies courses. Outside of the classroom, he acts as the Writing Program Director and Director of the WEC program. His research focuses on composition theory/pedagogy, writing center theory/practice, and gender/masculinity studies. .


Northeast Writing Center Association[Steering Committee Member, 2017 Committee Chair]

International Writing Center Association

Modern Language Association of America

National Council of Teachers of English

Sigma Tau Delta

Kappa Delta Pi

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