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Satish Kolluri

Associate Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Communication Studies

  • @New York City
    41 Park Row 513
Office Hours
New York City

Tue, Thu (by appointment)


PhD , University of Massachussetts , Amherst , 2001
Communication Studies

MA , Cornell University , Ithaca , 1990
Communication Arts


Lee, J. T. & Kolluri, S. K. (2016, December). Hong Kong and Bollywood: Globalization of Asian Cinemas. New York, NY, USA: Palgrave-Macmillan. http://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9781349949311

Kolluri, S. K. (2015, August). Humoring Youth into Political Engagement through The Daily Show and The Colbert Report: Satire as Political Critique. Media Education for a Digital Generation (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies). Routledge.


Philosophy of Communication, Digital and Participatory Cultures, Asian Cinema, Aesthetics and Affect Theory, Parenting and Education, Media, Satire, Politics and Civic Engagement, Cultural Studies,

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