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Timothy Waligore

Associate Professor
Global Studies Major Coordinator

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Political Science

  • @Pleasantville


I am a political theorist studying how to address claims based on historical injustice, global justice, and multicultural citizenship. I coordinate the Global Studies major. Before Pace, I spent time in Germany, Austria, and Canada. My Ph.D. is from Columbia University.


Waligore, T. P. (2016, February). Rawls, Self-Respect, and Assurance: How Past Injustice Changes What Counts As Justice. Politics, Philosophy & Economics. Vol 15 (Issue 1) , pages 27-56.

Waligore, T. P. (2015, February). Domination Across Borders. Domination and Global Political Justice: Conceptual, Historical, and Institutional Perspectives. New York, USA & UK: Routledge.

Waligore, T. P. (2015, February). Domination and Global Political Justice: Conceptual, Historical, and Institutional Perspectives. Barbara Buckinx, Jonathan Trejo-Mathys, and Timothy Waligore (Eds.), New York & UK, USA: Routledge. , pages 360.


Waligore, T. P. (2016, March). Western Political Science Association annual conference. Indigenous Peoples, Structural Injustice, and Expensive Tastes. Western Political Science Association, San Diego, CA, USA


Global Justice, Reparations for Historical Injustice, Indigenous Peoples, Immanuel Kant, Environmental Justice, Rights


  • Global Justice Network , July 2011
    The Global Justice Network was founded in 2006. It is an association of scholars aiming to facilitate communication, exchange and debate on global justice. Through its open access journal Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric and regular workshops, the Network promotes and makes available accessible research and knowledge on some of the most burning issues in contemporary international politics.
  • Association for Political Theory , February 2011
    The largest American association for political theorists, covering all political philosophers and legal theorists
  • Western Political Science Association , January 2011
    Political Science association for the Western region of the United States
  • American Political Science Association , May 2003
    The largest American political science association
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