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3 Ways to Be a Better You this New Year in New York

It’s that time of year again when starting the tradition of setting New Year Resolutions is among us.

If you are studying English in New York and were able to spend the holidays here, then you probably enjoyed some of the New Year festivities. Many countries around the world, celebrate the beginning of the New Year on December 31 at midnight.

New Year Resolutions are goals people set to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Thinking of becoming a better version of yourself this year? Here are some examples of New Year’s resolutions dedicated to becoming a better you in 2019 while you are studying in New York:

1. Take up a new hobby

woman painting - her hobby

Looking for a new interest, something fun or relaxing to do in your spare time? Take up a new hobby, whether it be photography, painting, or reading; learning a new hobby can be fun and relaxing whenever you need a break from your studies. The New Year can be the time you learn something new that you have always been wanting to.

There is so much on offer when you study in New York. You can always ask anyone at the ELI at Pace University for some of the hobbies they might do in their spare time, you might be able to find inspiration from them.

2. Live A Healthier Lifestyle

people at gym being healthy for new year resolution

Taking care of your health is important at any age. What better time to start living a healthier lifestyle than the start of a new year. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, getting more sleep, exercising more are just some of the few changes you can make to living a healthier lifestyle.

Our Pace University students enjoy the many health services available on campus such as the Pace gym, the University Health Center and the Counseling Center.

3. Volunteer

people volunteering in new york

Do some good! Volunteer experience can include giving back to the community or helping a charity. You can also motivate others to do good as well. Gather your friends and make a difference. Some easy ways you can give back can be donating any old or unwanted clothes, volunteering at a soup kitchen and so much more.

The Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) is a great resource for our Pace students to get involved in many volunteer opportunities.

Do you want to come to New York to study English? You can visit our website, contact us or apply here.