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3 Famous Sculptures in New York City to Enjoy

April 24 is International Sculpture Day.

This is the perfect day to share three famous sculptures or statues with you that you can find in New York City.  These are places you can easily visit when you come to New York to study English

#1 Charging Bull

Sculpture-NYC_BullThe famous charging bull statue is on Wall Street.  It represents a bull market when the price of shares go up! It is a very short walk from Pace University.  You can't study at the ELI at Pace without having your photo taken in front of the bull.  

#2 Alice in Wonderland 

Sculpture-NYC_Alice-in-WonderlandThe famous statue of Alice in Wonderland is found in Central Park.  Alice is on top of a large mushroom.   The Mad Hatter is there.  The White Rabbit is  holding his pocket watch, and a dormouse eats a treat at Alice's feet.  This is a fun sculpture to visit if you have children. 

#3 Atlas

Sculpture-NYC_AtlasThis famous statue is found on 5th Avenue on the Rockefeller Center, directly opposite St Patrick's Cathedral.  It is an art deco masterpiece and a central point in the Rockefeller Center.  

Do you want to see these statues and more?  At Pace University, we go on trips with our students almost every week, visiting  famous places, little known hidden gems and meeting local New Yorkers.  You can visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI  or apply here.