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3 Fun 4th of July Festivities in NYC (Gotham*)

The 4th of July is one of the most important holidays on the American calendar. People typically celebrate American freedom with a barbecue during the day and fireworks at night. As you might expect, there is no shortage of events to participate in on the 4th in New York City. Here are three events that might tickle you fancy.

#1  Freedom Fest

hot dog NYC

Speaking of fireworks, you can get into the swing of things by joining “Freedom Fest” at the South Street Seaport near Pace University.  Go to Pier 15 at 78 South Street New York City, NY at 6:45 for the start of the festivities. Make sure you bring your appetite when attend this event. The event organizers will be serving up the usual 4th July fare, include hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings. After sundown, you can feast your eyes on the spectacular Macy’s Fireworks show. Take the subway to Fulton and street and walk to Pier 15.

#2  Coney Island

coney island cyclone roller coaster

Perhaps you are not in the mood for fireworks but have plenty of room for hot dogs. Try hitting ConeyIsland Beach in Brooklyn to watch participants compete by wolfing down as many hot dogs as they can in a 10-minute time span. It’s free to attend the hot dog eating competition, walk along the historic, or take a dip. While you are  there, hop on some rides like the famed Cyclone roller coaster or visit the New York Aquarium. Take the D,F, N or Q trains to Coney Island-Stillwell.

#3 Asian Film Festival

Perhaps you would prefer do something off the beaten trackNYC Asian film festival three men and a robot standingIn that case, you may want to check out Lincoln’s Center’s world renowned Asian Film Festival which will run from June 28th –July 14th.  On July 4th, the festival will feature a lineup of three modern Chinese, two Korean, and one Japanese film starting at 12:30. Take the S or 7 train west to Times Square-42nd Street. Then transfer to the uptown 1 local train to 66th Street / Lincoln Center Station. 

Want to join in these and other fun summer activities? Come to New York to study English: visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI  or apply here.  

Word List:

*Gotham – is a slang name for New York City coined by native New Yorker  Washington Irving who was a political leader and famous author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

  • tickle you fancy (expression) – to amuse, entertain or stimulate one’s imagination
  • get into the swing of things (expression) – become part of the action, activity or fun.
  • bring your appetite (expression) Don’t eat before you come; arrive hungry because there is lots of food.
  • fare (noun) – special food for an event or of a culture
  • feast your eyes – enjoy watching or seeing
  • hitting (expression) – check(ing) out; try visiting
  • wolf down- eat quickly and hungrily; eat like a wolf.
  • take a dip (expression) - Have a swim, go swimming
  • off the beaten track (expression) – different from what is usually done
  • renowned (adjective) famous, well-known
  • lineup (noun) - the list of activities or performers for an event