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3 Great Pizza Places in New York City

May 9 is WORLD PIZZA DAY and what better place to be than New York City.

Different cities in the U.S. have different style pizzas. When you study English in NYC, you get to enjoy authentic New York-style pizza. The crust is thin (a little thicker and crisp along the edges). It is sold all around the city by slice and if you want to be a real New Yorker, you will fold it in half to eat!

However, if you want to go out with friends and enjoy a sit-down meal together, there are many really great pizza restaurants to choose from.

3 famous NY pizza restaurants near Pace’s English Language Institute in NYC are:

#1 Lombardi’s

Lombardis pizzeria NYC Lombardi’s was founded in 1905, and claims to be the first pizzeria in the United States. It is still located in Little Italy, and still makes great pizza. Expect to wait at busy times on the weekend. It is worth the wait!

#2 Johns of Bleeker Street

Johns Pizzeria NYCJohn’s is in Greenwich Village, also near Pace. It was founded in 1929. It uses traditional coal-fired brick ovens, so the pizzas are smoky, crispy and delicious! It still has the original wooden booths; old tin ceilings; art deco black and white tiled floors; and faded wall murals, so it really feels like old New York. A fun night out with your friends.

#3 Grimaldi’s

New York style pizza Grimaldi’s is another New York City institution. There are several locations around the city, including under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, just across the river from Pace. They also use coal-fired brick ovens to give their pizzas a smoky flavor and crispy crust. Delicious!

Do you want to come to New York to study English and eat great New York pizza? You can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.