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How Pace ELI Prepares Students for the Future

It is our mission at the Pace English Language Institute (ELI) to provide students with courses that will advance them educationally and further their career preparation. These lessons strengthen traditional academic skills but also build work competencies such as leadership and critical thinking.

The bottom line is that when you begin courses at the ELI, you are setting off on a journey to acquire skills and knowledge that will boost your success as a student and a professional.

Learn English Test-taking skills at ELI in New YorkOne of the most important skills you can learn at the ELI is high stakes test-taking. Most undergraduate or graduate programs that conduct courses in English require non-native English speakers to submit an English proficiency test score when they apply.

We not only teach you the linguistic elements of the test, we share tips and methods for strategically navigating tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS. This will improve your chances of gaining admission to your chosen university.   

Professional at work using critical thinkingProfessional and business English courses like Business Basics and Negotiations Skills offer environments for students to participate in hands-on, real-world activities.

The Business Basics course requires students to write a resume and cover letter that will be functional and ready to use for a job application. You will practice answering challenging interview questions from your instructor and classmates. This will train you for your real interviews to come.

The Negotiations course gives you the edge in various types of mediation. You will gain the know-how to manage negotiations and make equitable deals.

University StudentOur many Weekend Intensive courses aim to deliver information and experiences that you can apply to your resume. For example, our Teacher Workshop asks students to create a lesson plan and deliver a short lesson to their classmates. In return, they receive helpful feedback on the lesson from the instructor and classmates.

The Consumer Behavior and Marketing course provides you with the opportunity to consider the psychological reasons behind consumers’ decisions to buy or not buy certain products.

Students who take a Weekend Intensive return to take others because they have experienced the practical benefits of these courses.

Many former students tell us that they have been transformed by our courses. We strive to deliver skill-building content that will lift you to new heights. We can’t wait to see your confidence and capabilities.

If you'd like to learn more about any of these courses, visit the ELI website, contact the ELI, or apply here.

Word List:

  • competencies (n.): Skills or abilities
  • critical thinking (gerund phrase): The analysis and evaluation of a situation in order to form an opinion or judgment
  • bottom line (idiom): The main point. In business, the total amount (of money)
  • set off (phrasal verb) Take off, depart
  • high stakes (idiom): Very important
  • proficiency (n.): The degree of ability, competency, or expertise
  • hands-on (adj.): Active personal participation
  • resume (n.): A document which lists professional experience and academic history. Used when applying for a job
  • cover letter (n.): Usually sent in conjunction with a resume; the cover letter discusses accomplishments and why you would be a good fit for a job
  • the edge (idiom): An advantage (over others).
  • mediation (n.): An attempt to reach an agreement in a negotiation or dispute
  • equitable (adjective) Fair for all
  • lesson plan (n.): A document that plans out the details of a lesson. It usually includes the content, arrangement of activities and timing.