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How to Use Meetup to Make New Friends in New York

Before social media applications like Meetup appeared on the scene, many young people resorted to going to bars or participating in activities which cost them an arm and a leg in order to meet new friends.

people enjoying central park in New York through meetup in new yorkOne way is to join the regular activities that the ELI offers for our students. Students at our Westchester campus can join regular campus activities with American students and join NYC ELI activities to meet other international students.

Another great way to meet students is through  This makes it easy to meet other folks who share your interests. What does it cost? Often these meetings are free, free, FREE!

Some of the most popular meetups in NYC are those related to language and culture. “Mundo Lingo” meets on Tuesday nights and frequently attracts over 30 people. “Practice your English” meetup also gathers on Sundays to give non-native English speakers a chance to meet and improve their communications skills.

Meeting people when you study ESL in NYCBecause New York is a melting pot, there are plenty of cultural-based meetups such as “Summer Party! #August - Asia > New York,” which attracts more than 100 students to its gatherings.

One of the other great fringe benefits of going to any meetup is that you are bound to meet new friends who will introduce or invite you to other upcoming meetups.  Although the monster movies or table games may or may not be your cup of tea, you never know who you might meet at one of these meetup events.

People sometimes feel nervous to attend meetups because they don’t know anyone or they are concerned about danger. Be assured that the meetings themselves are held in save, public locations. Remember everyone in the meetup you visit was once the new kid on the block, too.

Do you want to make new friends and improve your English in New York?  Study at Pace University's English Language Instiute. 

You can visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI  or apply here.

Word List:

  • on the scene (idiom) – appears in popular culture
  • resort to (idiom) to try to do or use something that is not your first choice.
  • (to cost) an arm and a leg (idiom) – (to be) very expensive
  • folks (n./pl) – friends, people
  • melting pot (n.) – a mix of cultures
  • fringe benefits (n./pl)an extra benefit beyond what is expected
  • bound to (happen) (adj.) – very likely to happen
  • (my/ your) cup of tea (idiom) – something you prefer to do. Often this is expressed in the negative. “Watching Horror movies is not my cup of tea.”
  • (the) new kid on the block (idiom) – the new people who join a group, a school or a job