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How to Watch Baseball in New York City

Summertime in New York means a lot of different things to people. For many Americans, it means baseball.

Baseball is traditionally known as America’s national pastime. The men who play it professionally are often called “the boys of summer.” Baseball is considered part of the American spirit. Books, songs, movies, plays, poems and lots of baseball terms have become part of the American experience. Watching a baseball game is a great experience to have when you are in New York studying English.

Pace-Yankees baseball capOrganized professional baseball started with the “National League”. Teams formed this league in 1876. Baseball was supposed to stand for American beliefs like equality and the chance to succeed. But the sport was representative of society in 1876.

The National League was for white players only. World War Two and the civil rights movement in the United States helped end the racial divisions in professional baseball. Jackie Robinson became the first black player to break the color barrier. The Brooklyn Dodgers accepted him to their team in 1947. Soon, other black players began to join major league teams.

Now major league baseball players come from many different countries and play in two organized professional baseball leagues, the “National League” and the “American League”. Baseball has become as diverse as the United States.

Baseball in New York

In many ways, New York is one of the most important cities for baseball history. The game came to New York during the 19th century.

In the 20th century, New York had three major league baseball teams (New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, and New York Giants). The New York Yankees, with famous players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle, greatly increased the popularity of the game. The Brooklyn Dodgers was the first baseball team to recruit a black player, breaking the color barrier and opening up baseball to players from different racial and national backgrounds.

Today New York has two major league baseball teams. You can see them play a home game when you are in New York studying English:

Yankee stadium nycNew York Yankees

  • Home field: Yankee Stadium
  • Location: The Bronx
  • Who they are: New York City’s American League team, nicknamed “The Bronx Bombers”; winners of 27 World Series and wearers of classic pinstriped uniforms

New York Mets

  • Home field: Citi Field
  • Location: Flushing, Queens
  • Who they are: New York City’s National League team, nicknamed “The Amazing Mets”, historically the underdog New York team (the team that New Yorkers do not expect to do well most of the time).

Experience a Baseball Game in New York

Most New Yorkers travel to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium by subway. If you decide to go to a baseball game while you are living and studying in New York, you will be surrounded by people wearing Yankees or Mets baseball caps and shirts who are really excited about the game and ready to talk baseball with you.

And on the way back from the game, you'll have a lot of people to celebrate a win with or commiserate after a loss. Getting to and from a baseball game in New York is an experience in itself.

There is nothing like being at a baseball game where you can see all of the action on the field in front of you, where you can hear the crack of the bat hitting the ball or the roar of the crowd, see a player steal a base or a fielder make a great catch.

When you are at the ball game, you can also enjoy the traditional foods, such as hot dogs and French fries, or choose other kinds of foods at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium.

Are you interested in seeing a baseball game in New York this summer? Join Pace University faculty, staff, and students at Pace Day at Yankee Stadium, Tuesday, July 31. Current students can buy a ticket here.

Do you want to see a live baseball game in New York? Come to New York and study English at Pace University. You can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.