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3 Idioms About Purple

March 26 is Purple Day.


To celebrate, here are three fun idioms” one with purple, one with red and one with blue.

#1 Purple State

Purple Idioms_Purple-StateIn U.S. general elections, a state that votes in roughly equal proportion for candidates of both the Democratic (typically associated with the color blue) and Republican (typically associated with color red) parties. This is primarily heard in U.S. 

Whoever is going to win the election will have to focus their power on swinging the purple states of the country in their favor.

#2 (as) Red as a Beet

Purple Idioms_Red-as-BeetVery red in your face, especially because you are embarrassed.

He got as red as a beet when he realized his mistake.

#3 Blue in the Face

Purple Idioms_Blue-in-the-FaceExtremely angry, frustrated, annoyed, embarrassed or upset.  It’s often used in the phrase "until (one) (is) blue in the face."

You can complain about it until you're blue in the face, but we're going to your grandmother's whether you like it or not.

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