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3 Must-Haves When you Study in the Winter in New York City

It is time to bundle up! If you are studying English during our Winter 2020 program in the English Language Institute at Pace University, be prepared for the cold weather. Within the months of December and January, New York experiencing the coldest weather of the year. New York City is possibly the best city to be in during the winter season.

From ice-skating in Rockefeller Center to visiting the holiday-decorated windows on Fifth Avenue, the city is full of activities to enjoy outside during the winter. Do not let the cold temperatures keep you from enjoying all that NYC has to offer this time of year.

Here are the three items you must have during the winter in NYC to stay warm:

#1 Down Jacket/Winter Coat

jackets needed when you study english in nyc in winterA winter jacket is essential for anyone walking the cold streets of New York City. Probably the most important item in your closet during the winter, a down jacket or winter coat come in all types of style and colors. This item will help you survive the snowstorms in NYC and protect you from the harsh winds and snow that come our way.

Pack a coat that not only will keep you warm, but also can match with any outfit you wear, whether it is a casual day out on the town or a fun night with friends.

#2 Cold Weather Boots

boots needed when you study english in nyc in winterLooking to blend right in with New Yorkers? Cold weather boots are all that New Yorkers wear during winter. Snowstorms happen throughout the season so make sure you pack a good set of snow boots to help you tread through the city streets.

As the snow falls onto the ground, it can quickly turn into slippery mush, so you are going to want a great set of boots that will keep your toes warm and dry. Let us not forget socks as well. Pack some thick warm socks to wear with your boots to keep you nice and toasty.

#3 Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

scarf hat and gloves needed when you study english in nyc in winterThe three most essential items in anyone’s winter wardrobe are hats, gloves and scarves. These items are the most important pieces of your outdoor wear. They pretty much provide the very much-needed extra warmth when you are outdoors.

We all need the proper outwear to protect ourselves from the chills and winds that New York City offers during the cold season. While you are snapping pictures by the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center or enjoying the beauty of a snow-covered Central Park, you’ll want to make sure your head, neck and hands are warm throughout the day and night. Make sure you pack these three important pieces.

In addition, hats, gloves and scarves are great accessories to make any outfit fun and stylish.

Just because it is cold outdoors does not mean you have to stay indoors. Make sure you are fully prepared for the winter season with the three items mentioned above. New York City is full of winter outdoor activities and we want to make sure you stay warm while you enjoy them!

If you are interested in learning how you can improve your English and study in New York City, you can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.

Word list:

  • must-haves (n. pl): essential or highly desirable items
  • bundle up (phrasal v): to put warm clothes on yourself or someone else
  • essential (adj): absolutely necessary, very important
  • casual (adj): relaxed
  • tread (v): walk in a certain way
  • mush (n): a soft and wet mass
  • toasty (adj): comfortably warm
  • wardrobe (n): a person’s entire collection of clothes
  • accessories (n. pl.): things that can be added to something to make it more useful or attractive