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Resources for Pace University's ELI Students in the Pandemic

We are so happy to have international students studying here in our program, city and country.  We want you to feel as welcome, safe, supported and excited to be studying with us, as we are excited to have you join our program.

We know that these can be stressful times and want to make sure that you know what resources are available to help you:

#1 Us, the English Language Institute

English Language InstituteWe at the ELI are here to support you in any way we can.  This means much more than just providing your lessons.  If you feel anxious, concerned, or just want to talk with someone, please reach out to your instructors or any ELI staff.  You can reach the ELI office at (212) 346-1562 or email us or message us on WeChat @ELIatPace.   We are here to help you.  If we can’t help you ourselves, then we will find out the best person to help you and connect you with them.

#2 The Counseling Center

Counseling Center Pace University has a counseling service that is completely free for our students.  If you are feeling anxious, stressed, lonely or sad, you are not alone; many people are right now.  If you are feeling overwhelmed in any way, please reach out to the counseling center.  In the United States, and New York in particular, there is NO stigma attached to seeking help to maintain mental health!  Visit the Counseling Center's website for more information.  To contact them, see their Contact page.

#3 Security

SecurityOne of Pace University’s priorities is to ensure a campus that is safe for all students, staff and faculty.  If you are ever in a situation in which you feel unsafe for any reason while on the university campus, please reach out to security immediately.  Their contact numbers are on their website's Contact US page.   Put the phone number for your campus in your phone so that you can dial it easily if you ever need to.

#4 Emergency help

911If you ever had any kind of emergency (medical or safety), please call 911 and they will send someone to assist you.

#5 Legal help

ISSOAlthough Pace University doesn’t provide a direct legal service, there are multiple resources available for you.  IF you ever have a negative encounter with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), please let us know!  If you ever need an attorney, please see one recommended by Pace listed on the International Students Office referral webpage.  Remember, you are legally in our country and therefore have legal rights.  You can visit Pace’s International Students’ website for additional resources and information.​

#6 The Health Care Center

Health Care CenterIf you are feeling unwell or have questions about COVID-19 or other physical health issues, please reach out to the university’s health care center directly.  They are there to help you.  You will need to schedule an appointment with them.  Their contact details are on the Health Care Center's website.

You are an incredibly valued member of the Pace University and ELI community.  We are so happy to have you studying here with us and experiencing life (albeit a very strange one right now in the era of COVID-19) with us.  Please know that we, and most people in this incredible city, are happy to have you here and value the contribution that you make to our university, city and country.

Come to New York to study English or study online:  visit the ELI websitecontact the ELI  or apply here.