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3 Wonderful Sites to visit on the Harlem Line

You can study English in New York in downtown New York City or in White Plains (Westchester), which is just north of NYC on the Harlem train line.

Although the Big Apple features more exciting activities than you can shake a stick at, the Harlem Line which leaves from Grand Central station delivers you to a breath of fresh air just north of the city.

#1 New York Botanical Garden

Haupt Conservatory at NY Botanical Garden

The first stop on your journey might be the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. This world famous site draws visitors year-round. The toasty Haupt Conservatory explodes with a rainbow of colored flowers. The romantic festive holiday decorations during the Christmas season will warm your spirits and put you in the mood to celebrate with family and friends.

#2  Pleasantville

Stone Barns near Pleasantville westchester new york

Have you visited the pastoral Pleasantville campus? For those of you who have only experienced Pace New York City, see how the other half lives in Pleasantville.

Go on a Saturday and the train lets you off right in the middle of one of the best farmers’ markets that Westchester County has to offer. Walk around the many food stands and sample fresh organic jams, pies, cheeses, meats and wines. Then walk or take the shuttle bus from Pleasantville Station to the campus, which boasts gorgeous rustic scenery with a pond in the center and a small zoo called The Environmental Center.

Finally, a short bus or taxi ride from the campus takes you to Stone Barns. This beautiful organic farm property attracts locals and tourists alike. See how the organization balances the ecosystem to produce healthy food and a pristine natural environment.

#3  Katonah


Finally, just an hour north of Grand Central, visit the classic colonial town of Katonah. The train drops you right in the middle of this quaint and cozy Browse the boutique stores, and have a bite in one of Katonah’s homey restaurants. Don’t miss the classic stone town library before walking less than a mile to the surprising Katonah Museum, which often features the work of young artists.

So, if you’re interesting in experiencing life off the beaten path, hop on the Metro-North and check out the world beyond the concrete jungle of New York City.

You can study English at Pace University in new York City or in White Plains, whihc is on the Harlem Line: visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI or apply here.

Word List:

  • The Big Apple (idiom/ n.) – New York.  (Central Park was once filled with Apple trees. This helped Manhattan earn this nickname).
  • more than you can shake a stick at (idiom) – an idiom meaning lots and lots of something.
  • (a) breath of fresh air (idiom) – something fresh, new and exciting
  • toasty (adj.) – warm and comfortable
  • pastoral (adj.) – used to describe a beautiful countryside scene
  • how the other half lives (idiom) – the people who live differently from you.
  • rustic (adj.) – similar to pastoral, this word describes the natural countryside
  • pristine (adj.) – in perfect condition
  • quaint and cozy (adj./ collocation)– cute and small but comfortable
  • homey (adj. – positive) – like home
  • off the beaten path (idiom) – outside of the ordinary
  • concrete jungle (n./ idiom) – an urban area filled with concrete and buildings