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3 Smartphone Apps for New New Yorkers

If you are planning to study abroad in NYC and take English classes, you are probably researching all of the social activities you can participate in. Some schools, such as the English Language Institute at Pace University, will offer daily trips to keep you busy and make new friends (take a look at our daily activity calendar).

In addition to participating in trips organized by your school, you should definitely check out a few our favorite FREE apps for your smartphone that will help you practice your English and save money while exploring NYC!

Suggested app #1 Meetup

Smartphone apps for new yorkers meetupOne of the best ways to make new friends or try something new is joining a Meetup. Meetup is a fantastic site that allows you to find people who share your interests and join an already scheduled activity. The best part is – most of the activities are free!

Many of our students will join our free conversation partner program or a Pace organized volunteer project and will do a Meetup after finishing their homework. Meetup is great to keep learning English outside the classroom, experience a new culture, learn a new dance style, and participate in outdoor trips like hiking.

There are thousands of options for you to choose from!

Suggested app #2 Groupon

Smartphone apps for new yorkersAnother great site to check out before making plans is Groupon.

Groupon offers 1,000s of coupons for restaurants, art or fitness classes, trips, shopping, and more! It’s a great way to pick a restaurant in a neighborhood you maybe haven’t been to before and most importantly - save money!!! Groupon also frequently features spa discounts that may come in handy after all the walking you’ll do.

Walking still is the best way to see New York City!

Suggested app #3 Citymapper

Smartphone apps for new yorkers citymapper

Once you’ve picked a Meetup or are ready to use your Groupon, you’ll have to get there!

There are A LOT of smartphone apps connected with New York City public transportation but the one I always recommend to visitors is Citymapper. Citymapper collects data on all forms of transportation, including walking and cycling, to help you make the best decision for traveling between destinations in New York City. You may think that a taxi is going to be faster but Citymapper will tell you it’s 30 minutes of traffic and the 4 train is your best choice!

If you’re trying to get to your English classes at Pace, you can always follow the directions on our website.

Hear more great reasons why you should download these 3 apps below:

A few other smartphone apps you should try while visiting New York are:

  • Foursquare and Yelp for restaurant recommendations
  • OpenTable to reserve a table at some of the best restaurants in the city
  • TodayTix for same-day discounted deals on Broadway and off-Broadway tickets
  • WNYC to stream America’s most listened-to public radio station while you’re underground

Do you want to come to New York to study English? You can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.