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3 Streaming Resources for Pace University Students

Whether you’re close to Pace University in New York City and Westchester, logging in online from elsewhere in the United States, or joining our classes from across the world, your Pace University login gives you access to sites that can help pass the time. If you are a current student, you may be aware of benefits such as free access to Microsoft Office products (worth $150) and advanced features on Zoom (worth $15.month), but your login credentials give you access to so much more.


movie tickets representing swank as a resource for pace university studentsHave you ever been in a class where the professor showed all or part of a movie to illustrate an idea in the class?  This is not uncommon in American education, and as an accredited university, Pace is required to purchase viewing rights for any movie we may use in class. What’s great for students, though, is that these movies are put up online for at least a year for any student to watch until our viewing rights expire. As of the date this blog is published, you can access nearly 80 movies for free. The movies are all closed captioned also, meaning you can read English subtitles to help improve your listening skills.

Access SWANK Digital Campus Purchased Titles here


poster  representing kanopy as a resource for pace university studentsYou could spend nearly three months watching a different movie every night from the SWANK library, but that’s not all there is.  Kanopy is a web site for university and public libraries to offer content to their members. As a Pace university student, you do not need a library card to access this content; just login like you do for email. On Kanopy, you’ll find hundreds of documentaries and movies available to watch, and currently, Pace student have access to The Great Courses library (worth $120 a year), with more than 6,000 lectures about hundreds of topics. In the ELI, some of our online classes use Kanopy movies and lectures as content for students to summarize, discuss, and think critically.

Access KANOPY at Pace University here


linked in learning as a resource for pace university studentsAre you more interested in professional development? Maybe you want to learn a new software, or learn more about professions you are interested in when you graduate. Linkedin Learning has thousands of training videos, courses, and learning paths to help you improve skills in your career path. Also, if you have a Linkedin account, you can add a badge to your account by completing courses on the site. Usually Linkedin learning costs $300 a year, but as a Pace University student, it’s free!

Login to Linkedin Learning with your Pace username here

Are you looking for a place to study English? At Pace University, you’ll have access to all of these resources and more. Visit the ELI website, contact the ELI , or apply here.