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Studying in the United States

Tips for finding the best place to study in the United States, getting a visa, preparing for your studies in the United States and information about life studying at an American institution.


Resources for Pace University's ELI Students in the Pandemic

We are so happy to have international students studying here in our program, city and country.  We want to make sure that you know what resources are available to help you ...

Studying online success

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Classes

Here are some tips on how to be a successful student and how to participate fully in your online courses.


Learning What Zoom Can Do (For Students)

Pace's online classes have begun! And so this blog post will focus on what students can do to fully participate in the live, synchronous classes which are held on the Zoom video conferencing application. Students need to ...


Tips for learning online with happy woman smiling with cell phone in her hand and laptop nearby

Tips for Success in Online Learning

Students all around the world will be taking all their classes online for the foreseeable future.  Pace University will be conducting all classes online until the end of May 2020 at least.  Here are tips for success in online learning to help you.

How Pace prepares students for the future

How Pace ELI Prepares Students for the Future

It is our mission at the Pace English Language Institute (ELI) to provide students with courses that will advance them educationally and further their career preparation. These lessons strengthen traditional academic skills but also ...

basketball player March Madness

March Madness: What You Need to Know

As February comes to a close and March nears, you will start to hear a lot about March Madness. If you study with us here in New York City, live elsewhere in the United States, or just pay a lot of attention to American media, you might wonder ...

group of students working after using these tips to get an on campus job in the us

3 Tips for a Successful On-Campus Job Search

If you visit Pace University in New York one topic of conversation you will often hear in the hallways is internships and jobs.  Most students may not realize that there may be a job available for you right on-campus! While ...

7 Reasons for Au Pairs to Get Their Education Credits at Pace University

Au Pairs are young men and women from overseas between the age of 18 and 26 years old that come to US to live and work with a host family helping with childcare. Au Pairs enter the US on a J1 student exchange visa and ...

3 Things to do Before Traveling to the U.S. to study English

Fall is approaching which means hundreds of thousands of international students will be traveling to the US for the first time ...

How to Talk to Your Professors at an American University

Learning a new language is so much more than studying grammar concepts, attempting to listen to a person who speaks too quickly, or trying to say “Worcestershire sauce”. There is also the necessary, but sometimes overlooked ...

3 Ways That Pace University English Language Institute Prepares You for Your Next Step

Pace University's English Language Institute prides itself on providing students with courses and tools that help put them on track for success and personal satisfaction. Among other courses, we offer powerful TOEFL and IELTS ...

Fall Back, Spring Forward: Daylight Saving Time in the U.S.

This November 3, 2019 is when we will turn our clocks back one hour. Every year we set our clocks forward one hour on the second Sunday in March and on the first Sunday in November we set them back one hour to ...

3 Kinds of Housing Available for Pace University Students in New York

Students who study at the English Language Institute at Pace University in New York City or nearby Westchester have many housing options available to them. In addition to staying on one of Pace’s student residences, here are three great choices ...

3 Ways to Meet American Students at University

International students often say they decided to study English in America at Pace University's English Language Institute because they hope to make American friends. However, rather than making these friends when they arrive on campus ...

How to Get a U.S. Visa

You've decided to come to New York to study ESL.  Great decision! New York is one of the best places in the United States to learn English.  The next step is to get a visa. Getting a visa for the United States can be confusing.  Three things to consider ...

How to Choose a U.S. Campus to Study English

So you have decided to come to the U.S.A. to study English abroad. Choosing a university-based intensive English program is great idea because you will get access to all of the university facilities and student life.  But there are still many ...

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