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Things You Can Do in Westchester Right Now!

Time seemed to stand still for a long time during the COVID-19 quarantine. Anything that could be moved online, like English courses at Pace’s English Language Institute, did. And, while it will probably be a while before things seem “normal” again, Westchester, NY has been opening more businesses and activities. There are still limitations and community requirements for new openings, but there are more and more things that you can do in Westchester right now!

#1 Playland Park

mini golf at Playland ParkFor example, Playland Park is open! I have taken my nephew to Playland Park, and I was amazed that I had just as much fun as he did. The beach, park, and miniature golf course is currently open as are the boardwalk and arcades (with limited hours and capacity). If you or your kids are itching to get out of the house, Playland Park is a great place to go!

#2 Drive-in Movies

Drive in Another fun thing you can do in Westchester right now is go to the movies! Well…maybe not the movies how you’re used to. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was really popular to go to drive-in movies! After the 1960s, drive-in movies became less popular, but because of capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, drive-in movies are becoming more popular! There are several places in Westchester that are hosting drive-in movies.

Warwick Drive-In shows movies almost every night, and they have a great selection.

Kensico Dam Plaza is also hosting several drive-in movie nights this summer. The next available drive-in movie night will be on Friday, August 14th. This might seem like a while away, but the other drive-in movie night they hosted sold out almost immediately, so buy your tickets soon!

#3 Outdoor Recreation

kayakingNext (and most exciting for me), outdoor recreation is now open! The summer is in full swing, and it feels amazing to be able to enjoy typical summer activities. While the beach might be the go-to place to enjoy the summer, some of us might not want to or be able to go to the beach due to limited capacity, hours, and crowds. So, maybe it’s best to find somewhere else to enjoy the summer outdoors.

That place might be Hudson River Recreation, which just opened up! Hudson River Recreation rents out kayaks and standup paddleboards for individuals, groups, tours, or even private lessons. There are three different locations (Rye, Croton Point, and Tarrytown) with different options of adventures and fun depending on what you want to do.  There is sure to be something you want to try!

If you are into hiking, there are also plenty of great hikes to do in the Hudson Valley just north of Westchester.

#4 Study English in Westchester

Finally, Pace University’s English Language Institute is still offering online courses during the summer! So, if you’re looking to complete some of your hours or just want to learn, we have a few new classes that will start over the next several weeks. And, if you can’t take classes now because you’re busy finding things to do with your kids or you’re trying to relax this summer, you can check out the courses that we’ll be offering starting in the fall. Come join us to learn and practice your English! Visit our website or social media, contact us, or apply here.

While more and more things are opening up, please remember that if you’re out and about, be safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

Word List:

  • time stands still (idiom): an expression meaning that everything around you seemed to stop
  • capacity (n.): the highest or most amount of something
  • itching to (idiom): an expression meaning wanting to do something very much
  • drive-in movies (n.) : a cinema showing movies outside on a large screen while people watch the movies from their cars
  • restrictions (n. pl.): a legally limited or controlled thing
  • guidelines (n. pl.) : general rules or suggestions
  • hosting (v.): receiving or entertaining guests
  • typical (adj.): a characteristic of what is normal or expected
  • go-to (n./ adj.): the first or best choice
  • adventure (n.): an unusual and exciting experience or activity