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3 Things To Do in Westchester on Spring Break

The spring season brings so many nice things: mild temperatures, warm sun, lighter days, and maybe most important of all – spring break! Many people like to travel during spring break, but visiting your local area can be cheap and just as fun! Westchester is a great place to spend spring break, especially if you want a slower paced week and fun things to do.

#1 St. Patrick’s Day Parades

St. Patrick's Day ParadeAlthough primarily an Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that many people in the United States enjoy celebrating. People wear green, eat traditionally Irish food, and go to parades and parties. St. Patrick’s Day happens to fall during Pace University’s spring break this year, so if you want to hang out with lots of people in green and experience good food and good music, this is a great opportunity! There are even several different parades that you can go to:

Saturday, March 14th - White Plains St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade will take place starting at 12:00pm on Mamaroneck Avenue. You can visit the website to look for the parade route. White Plains has plenty of bicycles that you can rent to get around for the day. The parade route is really close to the English Language Institute at Pace University’s campus in White Plains!

Sunday, March 15th - Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade will take place from 1:30 to 3:00pm on Tarrytown’s Main Street. Tarrytown’s Main Street is a short walk from the Metro-North’s Tarrytown train station.

Saturday, March 21st - Yonker’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade will take place starting at 1:00pm on McLean Avenue.

#2 Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

Restaurant with friendsIf you love food and want to enjoy a 3-course meal, this is the place for you! The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week goes from March 16 – 29th and takes place in different restaurants throughout New York, including in Westchester county. If you want to go, you need to reserve your table, which you can do this by going to their website and choosing which county and town you want to eat in and what type of food you want. There is a fee for this event, but there are many different locations and options to choose from!

#3 New York Maple Weekend Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes for breakfastHilltop Hanover Farm & Environmental Center in Yorktown Heights is hosting breakfast along with morning hikes for two weekends in March. New York Maple Weekends will take place at 9:00am and at 11:00am on March 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th. Their food is organic and locally grown, and looks delicious! If you want to go, you need to purchase a ticket at their website, which does cost a small fee.

Rental bikes on a city streetWhile school is fun and necessary, spring break is a really nice and necessary time to get a break and provides a great opportunity to explore local areas and practice English outside of the classroom! Enjoy your spring break and come back to the English Language Institute refreshed and ready to finish the spring semester!

If you are interested in learning and practicing English, join us! You can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI, or apply here.

Word List:

  • mild (adj) – pleasant, moderate
  • spring break (n) – a week’s vacation for students in the spring
  • local (adj) – belonging or relating to a particular area or place
  • cheap (adj) – low in price
  • slower paced (adj) – moving at a slow, more relaxed speed
  • primarily (adv) – for the most part
  • parades (n) – a public procession celebrating a special day or event
  • reserve ( v) – to request or arrange
  • fee (n) – payment
  • organic (adj) – food produced without the use of chemicals
  • necessary (adj) – required or needed