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Tips for Success in Online Learning

Students all around the world will be taking all their classes online for the foreseeable future. Pace University will be conducting all classes online until the end of May 2020 at least. Students who are not used to studying online may find it difficult to adjust. Here are tips for success in online learning to help you.

1. Find a Quiet Space

Learning online young man smiling while taking online lessonBeing at home with your family members or roommates can be difficult. They may be taking their own classes online, or on the phone or demanding your attention. It is very important to find a quiet space without distractions. Set up a comfortable space in your bedroom or kitchen or corner of your living room and designate this as your quiet study space.

2. Manage Your Time Carefully

It is easy to get distracted with YouTube videos, TV or that favorite book. It’s important to keep up with your studies. Set a schedule for study and keep. This is easier if your classes are being held live at the same tie you usually had classes, but some of your courses may be flexible and you can study any time you like. Try to keep a schedule so that you keep up with all your work.

3. Connect with Others

Studying online can be isolating. You will interact with your classmates in class, either live or on discussion boards, but sometimes this is not enough. Make an effort to Skype or Face Time with your friends and family and take advantages of any opportunities you have to connect with other students.

If you are a new student and haven’t had a chance to meet anyone online, reach out to your classmates at the end of the lesson before you all disconnect and make a time to reconnect socially after the lesson.

At the English Language Institute at Pace University, we are thinking of ways we can help our students connect with each other, just as they do in our usual face-to-face activities. Stay tuned…

4. Use Online Resources

Learning Online Young woman on laptopFortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you study online, including lots of English learning resources.

Here is some useful information about studying remotely from Pace University.

We have compiled Pace University's online learning resources together on one page here.

5. Form (or Join) a Study Team

Reach out to 2 or 3 (or more) of your friends and classmates. Create a team and set regular times for discussions and to help each other. Skype, Zoom and Face Time are all great options.

6. Ask Questions

Sometimes it can seem harder or more intimidating to ask questions when you are studying online. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Whether you are having live classes with your teacher at the same time as your classmates or if are studying flexibly, your teacher is still there. Reach out to your teacher and ask questions if there is something that you don’t understand or if you need any other kind of help!

7. Get Things Done on Time

Learning online young woman with laptop on her lapKnow when all of your assignments are due, set reminders and get them before they are due. Starting an assignment the day before it is due is stressful – and life is stressful enough right now.

8. Reward Yourself

When you finish an assignment or a difficult task, reward yourself. Studying online can be difficult sometimes, and you will feel better about it if there is some reward involved. Maybe it is a (healthy) snack, a stretch and walk, a chat with your roommate, or an episode of the show you are binge watching right now. Be creative.

9. Stay healthy

Staying in your home all day makes exercise more difficult. However, there are still ways to exercise. Try doing yoga (there are plenty of videos on YouTube) or walking by yourself outside (still practicing social distancing) if you are allowed. Even just getting up and walking around your home several times throughout the day helps get some steps in!

Other Resources for Studying Online

Now is a great time to study at the English Language Institute at Pace University. Study at one of New York City’s main universities without leaving your living room. All of ELI's programs are online, including several that can be taken with a flexible schedule – so you study when you have time. Check out the list of our flexible programs here.

If you have any questions, contact the ELI and we will happy to help you.