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3 Ways That Pace University English Language Institute Prepares You for Your Next Step

Pace University's English Language Institute (ELI) prides itself on providing students with courses and tools that help put them on track for success and personal satisfaction. Among other courses, we offer powerful TOEFL and IELTS test preparation and effective business and professional communications courses.

Visit our New York City or White Plains campuses for one of our Weekend Intensive courses that range from Consumer Behavior and Marketing to Teach Like a Champion to Customer Service. It’s The ELI’s goal to create transformational experiences and impart skills that students can use as stepping stones to the next professional stage of their life.

#1 Get into the university you want and improve your English skills: TOEFL PREPARATION and IELTS PREPARATION

toefl preparation courses at pace university english language institute

The TOEFL exam and IELTS exams are used primarily by universities internationally to determine whether an applicant’s command of English meets the requirement for acceptance.

Pace university offers courses in both TOEFL (Intenret Based test) and IELTS preparation. These courses help students make the grade by brushing up their knowledge of grammatical and idiomatic expressions. Would-be higher education students can improve their chances of gaining acceptance to an undergraduate or graduate level program in the U.S or abroad by taking these test prpearation courses in Westchester (see below) or New York City.

Westchester Courses

Weekend Courses (includes TOEFL Preparation)

TOEFL Fridays Preparation Courses

#2 Get your dream job (and succeed in it): BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS

Business Basics and Negotiation Skills courses’ students not only acquire skills that they can put on their resume and cover letter; they learn how to create those documents effectively. Students also learn the many fine points of succeeding in a job interview. Those who take these courses also learn aspects of negotiating project details, worker benefits, and other real-life scenarios. Students have praised these courses as having given them the confidence to go after and get their dream job or career.

Student testimonial english language institute at pace university

Check out more information on these courses in White Plains here.

#3 Prepare for work life, figure out your future and be inspired: WEEKEND INTENSIVES

Our Weekend Intensive courses offer a wide range of topics that satisfy students’ interests and business communication skills courses at pace university english language institute-strengthen their resumes. One student recently wrote to her Branding Yourself for Success instructor, “thank you for your encouragement. The course I attended really helped me to figure out what I want and need for my future.” Another student wrote, “You inspire me!” These are the type of reactions we expect you might have if you take one of our weekend courses. We hope to have an opportunity to help you to advance to your goals, too.

White Plains Weekend Intensive Courses

New York City Weekend Intensive Courses

With so many choices, it is easy to study English in New York at Pace University. For a full list of programs, student life and more, visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.

Word List:

  • on track (idiom) – on target or going in the right direction,
  • stepping stone (idiom) – an action or event that helps one to make progress toward their goal(s)
  • command of (idiom) – the ability to understand and use, particularly a language
  • idiomatic expressions – informal language that have a meaning other than the literal words
  • brush up (idiom) - learn or relearn a skill
  • make the grade (idiom) – succeed as a result of hard work
  • would-be (idiom) – Those who are working to achieve. Prospective, promising, potential
  • fine points (idiom) – the details
  • dream job (idiom) – the job you would most like to have