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3 Ways to Enjoy Fall in NYC

One of the more obvious differences between the Northeast region of the US and other parts, specifically the Westcoast, is that our weather goes through 4 distinct seasons throughout the year. 

September 22 marks the start of the Fall season (also called autumn) here in NYC and it just happens to be my favorite season of the year!

Often you’ll hear people say that they enjoy the Fall because its sweater weather but there is a lot more to Fall than the seasonal fashion.  When you study English in NYC at Pace University, enjoying the three months of Fall will be easy!

#1 Take a hike to enjoy the fall foliage

Pace Pleasantville campus in fall

If you’re a photographer or love the outdoors, you’re going to love how the trees change colors here in the Northeast.  The trees will change from green to dramatic shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown as the chlorophyll breaks down in the leaves and the green fades away.

One of the best ways to see the leaves change is to do one of the hundreds of hikes accessible from NYC by train or bus.  A favorite of New Yorkers is Breakneck Ridge hike in the Hudson Valley, which is just over an hour away by train from Grand Central.  Many of the hikes are close to small towns that feature great farm-to-table restaurants or shopping that is less expensive than the city. 

Check out the picture on the right of the Pace University Pleasantville campus during fall!  Isn’t it beautiful?

#2  Participate in fall holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving

students and staff of eli at pace having thanksgiving meal

Fall brings us closer to the holiday season here in the US.  Two famous holidays you have probably heard of are Halloween and Thanksgiving,which both occur in October and November. 

New Yorkers are the BEST at Halloween costumes.  Don’t be surprised if your subway ride has a skeleton, ghost, or current pop culture icon riding along with you!  If frights are your thing, there are plenty of haunted houses to check out and the movie theaters will all have horror movies.

Not interested in this spooky holiday?  Thanksgiving is a few weeks later and this is one of the most important holidays for Americans.  We gather with our families and loves ones over a special home-cooked meal and share what we are thankful for in our life.

Friendsgiving is a popular way for friends to get together and enjoy the holiday before they travel to see their families.  Keep an eye out for Thanksgiving sales if you happen to stay in the city over the holiday weekend! The English Language Institute at Pace University always offers a special Thanksgiving brunch to students so they can participate in what is for most their very first (and only) Thanksgiving in the US.

#3  Go to a festival with friends!

Throughout the year, there is always something to do in NYC but it feels like during the fall there are A LOT of things to do and sometimes it is difficult to choose.  Fall can easily be considered one of the best festival seasons in NYC since the weather outside is milder and people want to be outside before the colder winter months.

Many of the city’s famous festivals will happen between September-December, including Oktoberfest, the New York Comedy Festival, Village Halloween Parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, New York Comic Con, Feast of San Gennaro, the Big NYC Chocolate Show, Atlantic Antic, Photoville, and more!  TimeOut magazine is a great resource for seeing which festivals and events are happening around your neighborhood.

pumpkins for sale in nyc for fall

These are 3 of our tips to enjoy Fall but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the Fall!   You can always ask the ELI at Pace advisors or instructors for more ideas. 

Most importantly – don’t forget to get a pumpkin for home!  They'll be everywhere by October...

Do you want to come and spend the fall in New York while studying English?  You can visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI or apply here.