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3 Ways to Meet American Students at University

Meet Americans

International students often say they decided to study English in America at Pace University's English Language Institute because they hope to make American friends.

However, rather than making these friends when they arrive on campus, international students tend to cluster together with others from their own country or who those who speak their native language. Spending time with American students inside and outside of the classroom is the fastest way to improve your English, acculturate and to share your own culture with peers.  

Here are some ways you can maximize your time learning English in New York by meeting Americans:   

Meet Americans sports

#1 Join a university club

You can get to know your American peers outside the classroom by joining one of the clubs or activities on campus.

Pace offers numerous clubs and activities to which you are invited. Joining club activities affords you a chance to meet local and international students and take advantage of university life at Pace. For example, become a member of an extra-curricular exercise class or sports team. In Pleasantville, students have successfully joined co-ed basketball and volleyball clubs.

#2 Volunteering

Meet Americans volunteeringVolunteering is also a great way to meet Americans. The English Language Institute offers volunteer opportunities every semester for our students. 

In addition, the Center for Community Action and Research takes part in many community activities each year.  Nearly every month this organization transports volunteer students to help paint a local school, visit elderly folks at a nursing home, or tutor middle and high school students in subjects like math or foreign language.

#3 Join university activities

Meet Americans student lifeAnother fun way to meet your American peers is to join an activity.  The Pace events calendar is full of activities that you can participate in, and the English Language Institute offers weekly trips and activities in New York City and calendar of events in Westchester.  These give you a chance to meet other international students, experience New York culture and meet local people.   

You can do everything from taking a yoga class to watching play rehearsal at the Schimmel Center to discussing how to invest your money for retirement. It’s not necessary wait for someone to invite you. Just choose an event and invite yourself!  

Do you want to learn English in New York City and meet Americans at Pace University?  You can visit the ELI website,  contact the ELI  or apply hereWe have classes for international and local students and au pairs in New York City and White Plains. 

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Word List:

  • cluster (v.) – to come or collect together as a group.
  • acculturate (v.)adapt to new cultural surroundings.
  • peers (n. pl)People of the same age and status as another person.  Other college students are your peers.
  • extra-curricular (adj.) – activities outside of normal education
  • co-ed (adj.) - (short for co-educational) - male and female
  • elderly (adj.) - old or aging (people)