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3 Ways to Gobble Up Thanksgiving in NYC

Traditionally, Thanksgiving has celebrated the harvest, which provides food for Americans throughout the year.

This celebration takes place on the fourth Thursday in November.  It brings family and friends together for a feast of turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and other seasonal dishes.  

New Yorkers, including students at Pace University's English Language Institute, take part in a number of activities on this holiday including attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Radio City Holiday Spectacular, and the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar.

#1  The Thanksgiving Parade

thanksgiving parade balloon snoopy The Macy’s Parade, which features floats, marching bands, and famous entertainers, kicks off at 9am on November 28th at 77th street and Central Park West. However, if you want a assure yourself of a good view or to set up lawn chairs to watch the festivities, organizers suggest you arrive by 7:30a.m. Don’t forget to dress extra warmly! Read your Thanksgiving Day Parade Guide here.

#2  Radio City Holiday Spectacular

rockettes at radio city music hall christmas spectacularIf you’re ready to enjoy watching some high-kicking holiday line dancing, don’t miss Radio City Music Hall’s Holiday Spectacular. This show starring the Rockettes has been a staple of NYC entertainment since the 1920s. Get ready to be wowed by the talent of these world-class dancers who will launch you into the holiday spirit with their dazzling performance. 

#3  The Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar

brooklyn holiday bazaar dolls for sale Wrap up your Thanksgiving weekend by attending the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on Sunday, December 1st.  This event takes place just in time for you to do your holiday shopping. You can find great deals on local handmade products that will warm the hearts of friends and family. While you’re there, don’t miss the great international food, music, and craft activities. See their website for more details.   

Have a wonderful extended holiday weekend! 

Would like some more tips for Thanksgiving holiday activities?  Check out Time Out’s Thanksgiving post here.

If you would like to celebrate Thanksgiving and other American holidays in New York, study English at Pace University!  To find out more about living and studying English in New York, visit the ELI websitecontact the ELI or apply here.

Word List:

  • gobble up (v.) eat hungrily, consume
  • harvest (n.)  the gathering of ripe crops
  • feast (n.) a large meal often served to celebrate a person or event
  • kick off (v.) to being or start an activity or celebration
  • festivities (n.) activities that take place during a festival
  • staple (n.) a basic necessary item
  • wow (v.) to deeply impress
  • holiday spirit (n., idiom) the feeling of happiness and joy during a holiday
  • dazzling (adj.) to impress with a powerful visual effect
  • wrap up (v., idiom) to finish or complete an activity or task
  • deals (n.) products sold at inexpensive prices
  • warm the heart (v., idiom) make one feel happy or joyous