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3 Ways to Stay Active at Home

Staying active and healthy is very important in order to maintain an overall well-being. If you are currently studying in the English Language Institute, you are aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the number of locations affected by the virus and how our courses have been moved to online learning. As we settle into our new normal of staying indoors as much as possible and avoiding public places and contact with too many people, more and more people are realizing that burning calories and staying active does not require an expensive gym membership.

Here are three ways to stay active at home while we social distance:

#1 Stick to your weekly workout routine

workout planIf you were like me, before COVID-19, I usually attended some kind of workout class two or three times a week. Even though we all are home, this does not mean we have to skip out of our workout routine altogether. There are many great and FREE workout videos online for you to take part of.

If your regular weekly routine of going to the gym was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, keep this same schedule and follow the many free workout sessions available online. I enjoy many of them offered on YouTube.

Some of my favorite YouTube workout channels are:

These YouTube channels offer great 20-30 minute workout sessions that will have you feeling fit and burning off those calories away in your home.

#2 Dance Party at Home

at home dance partyWho says we can’t have a dance party at home? Dancing is one of the greatest forms of working out because it is a full-body workout. Along with staying in shape, dancing can also improve your brain and mental health and take away the stress of the constant news on our televisions and on social media. You can dance to all of your favorite songs in the comfort of your own home.

So turn up the tunes or grab a set of headphones for a quick dance workout. If dancing alone feels too weird, there are a whole bunch of FREE dance-based workouts on YouTube. Once you get into it, you will feel great and have fun at the same time!

#3 Housework Workout

housework workoutWhile many might not think of cleaning or do it yourself projects at home as a form of exercise these options have great health benefits. Living in New York City, we are so used to traveling by foot and using the subway everyday, so any sort of movement during the day will help you stay active while at home.

Tackle your to-do list, organize your closet, or maybe start on some Spring Cleaning, these activities are all great sources of workouts to complete during the week. Remember any type of movement counts.

Staying active has great benefits for your physical body as well as keeping a healthy mental state. As we are all going through this uncertain time, make sure to stay moving as much as you can. Remember any movement counts, even if it’s a walk to grab some water from the kitchen or even a bathroom break. It is important to take care of yourself.

If you are interested in learning how you can improve your English and study at Pace University-English Language Institute, you can visit the ELI website, contact the ELI or apply here.

Word List:

  • well-being (n.): the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy
  • outbreak (n.): the sudden start of something unwelcome such as disease
  • settle (v.): sit or come to rest in a comfortable position
  • calories ( a unit of food energy
  • routine (n.): a set of actions regularly followed
  • full-body workout (n.): a workout that aims to hit all major muscle groups in one session
  • staying in shape (phrasal v): to keep fit, to remain in physical form
  • housework (n.): regular work done in housekeeping, such as cleaning, shopping, and cooking
  • tackle (v.): to make determine efforts to complete
  • spring cleaning (n.): a cleaning of a house or room, typically being done in Spring.