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Learning What Zoom Can Do (For Students)

Pace's online classes have begun! And so this blog post will focus on what students can do to fully participate in the live, synchronous classes which are held on the Zoom video conferencing application.

Students need to be familiar with all the features available to them when they are attending a Zoom session. To help with this, Patrick Russell, ELI’s Full-time Instructor, and Jason Tannenbaum, ELI’s Associate Director of Recruitment, have created a video tutorial to demonstrate some of the features that are most important for students to fully participate in online Zoom lessons.


This video is quite comprehensive and rather long. Therefore, to help those students who just want to know how to do a specific task, like how share a document or how to use the annotate tool during a screen share, there is a handy guide below.

On this guide, next to each feature, you will see a time marker in parenthesis ( ). So for example, to know if you are being recorded during the session, find “How to know if you are being recorded (1:35)” on the guide and then, on the video, move the time marker to start at one minute and thirty five seconds.

Logging on to Zoom

  • Sign in to Zoom (0:06)
  • Then go to the invite link from your instructor. This could be in an email or posted in an announcement on Blackboard. (0:25)

Zoom features on the main page

Top left

  • How to know if you are being recorded (1:35)

Top right

  • How to switch from speaker view to gallery view (1:57)

Bottom (right to left)

  • Leave meeting (3:01)
  • Reactions (3:16)
  • Record (co-host only) (3:42)
  • Chat (4:04)
  • File share through chat (5:26)
  • Screen share (co-host only) (6:24)
  • Participants (7:00)
  • Co-host features (7:15)
  • Participant buttons (8:21)
  • Stop video (10:28)
  • Virtual background (11:10)
  • Mute (12:15)

Zoom features when the teacher is sharing a white board (13:36)

View Options

  • Chat room  (14:25)
  • Participants (14:33)
  • View options (14:54)
  • Annotate tools (15:05)

Zoom features when the teacher is sharing a screen (18:52)

View Options

  • Annotate (19:19)
  • Save screen (19:42)
  • Request remote control (20:06)

Zoom features when the teacher puts students into breakout rooms (21:59)

  • Joining a room (22:30)
  • Chatting a breakout room (23:15)
  • Sharing a file in the chat room (23:44)
  • Instructor messages to all breakout rooms (23:53)
  • Leaving a breakout room (24:17)

Remember, that if you have any problems with Zoom, you can contact Pace’s Information Technology Services (ITS) by phone at (914) 773-3333, or by emailing Pace’s help desk or visiting the IT Help website. For 24 hour service, you can also contact Zoom, free of charge, by phone at 1 (888) 799-0125).

Other Resources for Studying Online

Word List:

  • synchronous (adj.): happening at the same time

If you are interested in learning more about online or other courses at the English Language Institute at Pace University, visit the ELI websitecontact the ELI , or apply here.