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English Language Institute

Pace Preview / Expanded Orientation

Daily Schedule

Sunday, August 13

Students arrive from their home countries and arrange for transportation to Pace on their own.  Check-in to the student housing begins at 5pm.

Monday, August 14

Get to know your classmates and New York City

  • Welcome Breakfast and seminar: American Conversations: Meet your fellow students and learn the typical vocabulary and customs for networking and socializing in the US
  • Getting around in New York City Learn about the subway and public transportation system, and safety tips for living in New York
  • Picnic in Battery Park: Share a lunch with your classmates in the famous Battery Park, overlooking the Statue of Liberty
  • Walking tour of New York

Tuesday, August 15

Getting to know Pace University

  • Introduction to campus: How to use the Pace Portal: activate your account for wifi and email
  • Getting things done in the U.S.: Learn phone and email etiquette and customary ways to ask for things: making reservations, renting an apartment, opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone, asking for more information, etc.
  • Lunch on you own and free time
  • Tour of campus and how to access Pace facilities (Welcome Center)
  • New York Neighborhoods: At Pace, New York City is your campus! Learn about the different neighborhoods –what they are known for, which ones to explore, and most importantly, where to get the BEST FOOD. Also, learn the most useful apps to take advantage of the city.

Wednesday, August 16

Academic Writing and a Taste of NYC

  • Grammar refresher: Understand and avoid the most common grammatical errors that students make in academic assignments
  • Listening and note taking: Get tips on how to pull out the most important information from what is said in class, and learn how to determine key terms and concepts from written academic texts
  • Broadway Show - Matinee
  • Shop and explore Times Square – optional dinner at Shake Shack: Arguably the best burgers and milkshakes in New York City

Thursday, August 17

Presentation Skills

American presentations differ vastly from those in other countries. Learn how to impress your audience and speak more comfortably in public

  • Public Speaking and, American Style Presentations: Learn how to organize and deliver and effective presentation. Learn tips about speech, body language and making an impact with your audience
  • Public speaking, Part II
  • Restaurant English and Etiquette – Learn American customs on tipping and dining out, and practice key terms and phrases to eat out with confidence.
  • Dinner on your own – practice your new skills

Friday, August 18

The American Classroom

  • The American Classroom: Learn how to succeed in an American university environment. Cultural differences in the American classroom, how to work with fellow students, how to communicate with your instructor, group projects, the American grading system
  • Recognizing and avoiding plagiarism: Plagiarism rules in the U.S. are very strict and one can be dismissed from Pace University for plagiarizing. Learn how to recognize and avoid this serious offense.
  • Free afternoon – use the time to find off campus housing, shop and get settled before the start of the school year. Staff will be available to help you with your individual needs

Saturday and Sunday August 19-20: Free Weekend: One optional activity or meetup per weekend. Signup sheet for group dinners.

Monday, August 21

American Social Media

  • American Social mediaLearn the most popular social media tools and web applications and popular websites  in the US and how best to use them for school, business and fun.
  • Networking on LinkedIn: An overview of how to use this popular American business networking site
  • New York Conversations: Learn common slang and casual expressions that can help you make friends more quickly. Practice conversation and listening in a social setting. Includes a guide to American texting terms

Tuesday, August 22

American Business Customs

Through class activities, guest speakers, and team presentations, students learn the values and customs of American professional life.

  • Professional communications Part I: Improve your professional communications skills with a workshops to help you improve your “business English.” Learn effective telephone skills, email writing for an American audience, and the basics of professional American etiquette. 
  • American Job Hunting: A guest lecturer from Pace University’s Career Services Office will explain what American employers are looking for and how to make yourself stand out from the competition

Wednesday, August 23

Working in groups

  • How to succeed in a group Project Group projects are a big part of American graduate programs and often account for a significant part of a student’s final grade. Learn how to work successfully in groups. Students learn and practice skills for group discussions and class participation. How to talk to your professor.
  • Lunch and free time
  • Academic Writing: Understand the structure of a graduate-level term paper.
  • Walking tour of the Highline

Thursday, August 24

The Case Study

Thursday’s seminar will focus on the case study method, the dominant tool for teaching in MBA and other graduate degree   programs.

  • Case studies, Part I: Students solve logistical and ethical problems taken from the real world, learn how to analyze the problems individually and in groups, make decisions and present their solutions to the class.
  • Walking tour and lunch in South Street Seaport
  • Case studies, Part II :  Students present their work to the group and are critiqued on their overall performance
  • Idioms and American slang

Friday, August 25

Starting your next chapter

  • Get a birds-eye view of your new home at the top of One World Observatory, followed by a “Welcome to Pace” celebration

**Workshops and activities are subject to change