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English + Career & Professional Skills

Course Description

Upgrade your professional skills and improve your career-readiness. Learn essential skills needed for an English-speaking internship or job in our 3-week program. This program includes company visits, guest speakers, creating a LinkedIn profile and an American-style Resume (CV), interview preparation, and more. Students from all over the world can study full or part-time. The classes are small and taught by experienced and professional teachers.

English + Career and Professional Communication Skills

Learn how to conduct a job search, interviewing skills, telephone skills, how to conduct meetings and negotiations, recognize levels of formality and politeness in daily interactions, along with other essential professional skills.  Improve your pronunciation and fluency and develop cross-cultural communicative competence. (8.75 hours/ week)

English + Career and Professional Writing Skills

Learn how to write an American-style resume (CV) and cover letter, as well as email writing, creating a LinkedIn profile, writing reports and proposals and important computer terminology. Learn strategies for ensuring your writing is concise in all communications. (8.75 hours/ week)

English + Career and Professional Presentation Skills

Learn how to market yourself to future hiring managers utilizing storytelling techniques. Over three weeks you will learn how to explain skills related to professional experiences, and work with other collaboratively to produce effective individual and group presentations. (2.5 hours/ week)

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  • Small interactive class
  • Professional faculty
  • Part-time and full-time options available
  • Certificate available by request
  • Full use of University facilities

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