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Facilities & Capital Projects

Charges for Services

Examples of Services that are Charged to the Requester

All labor and material for the following services will be billed to the requesting department. Some of the following tasks are subject to scheduling and/or backlog constraints:

  • Modifications, alterations or renovations to departmental space including structural change*
  • Additions to the present electrical system, HVAC changes, special lighting, power outlets or direct connection to equipment*
  • Alterations to building plumbing systems and special plumbing or connections to equipment including sinks, condensation lines, drains*
  • Installation of bulletin boards, chalkboards, shelving and mailboxes in departmental space
  • Work connected with special events, including all overtime staffing standby requests, cleanup before and after the event and requests for labor in support of the event
  • Painting of offices and departmental spaces at the customer’s request
  • Signs for desks, walls and special events
  • Cleaning beyond regularly scheduled services
  • Construction of furniture such as bookshelves