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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pace University recycle in our residence halls?
Yes, Pace University Recycles! In each of the residence halls, recycling bins are available in the general trash/ recycling rooms. Residents should empty their recyclables in the proper container.

I work in an office at Pace, how can I recycle?
Every member of the Pace University Team should have a small, blue desk side recycling receptacle for collecting your paper recyclables. When it is full take to a convenient recycle station located in all buildings. The containers are clearly marked for co-mingles (metal, glass and plastic), paper and trash. If you are missing a blue recycle container or can’t locate a recycle station, email Facilities Managment.

I have seen recycling being put into a trash truck or bin, why?
This happens only when the recycling is contaminated with trash. To ensure all your recyclables are being recycled, empty and rinse all co-mingles, and avoid disposing any food waste or general trash in the recycling bins.

What does Pace recycle?
We recycle co-mingles (metal, glass and plastic) and paper at Pace.

What are co-mingles?
Co-mingles include all metal and glass containers, and all plastic containers with necks. They do not need to be separated. Examples of co-mingles include metal soda cans, metal soup cans, glass juice containers, glass jars, plastic detergent bottles, plastic soda bottles, and plastic milk containers. Please do not recycle petroleum containers (motor or lubricating oil) or paint cans even if dry.

Do I have to rinse out my co-mingles?
Co-mingles that contain a food product (soup can, ketchup bottle) should be rinsed before being deposited in a recycling bin.

Do I have to peel the labels from my cans and bottles?

What kind of paper can I recycle?
Recyclable paper includes white and colored computer and copier paper, junk mail, hard back books, newspapers, magazines, class notes, cardboard. Staples, tape, and the occasional paperclip are okay. Paper does not include paper food wrappers.

Can I recycle pizza boxes?
Unfortunately, greasy pizza boxes and other cardboard containers with food waste are considered contaminated and must be thrown out. However, any cardboard without food contamination should be recycled.

I sometimes enjoy a bottle of water or soda at my desk, how do I dispose of the bottle or can?
Take it to a conveniently located recycling station and place it in the appropriate container.

We are purging the files in our office and have a large amount of recyclables, what should we do?
Submit a Help Desk Ticket. We will be happy to provide you with a large wheeled recycling container until your project is complete.

I have a question about recycling! Whom can I contact?
Email the Facilities Management office.