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Conserving Energy

Pace University has demonstrated an active role in energy management since 1973. The University has implemented over 350 projects, aimed at conserving electricity, natural gas, steam or water, resulting in several million dollars of total savings. Some examples include: more efficient heating and cooling systems, automatic temperature control, occupancy sensors and low flow showers, faucets and toilets.

The University spends $ 9 million per year for utilities and we continue to look for ways to conserve energy. Every amount of energy saved directly impacts the environment. By using less electricity, for example, less fossil fuel is burned to produce the electricity and lower amounts of pollution are released to the environment. Every Watt of electricity that you save is equal to $ 1.00 of savings to the University.

The University community can help the energy conservation effort by


  • Turn off unused or unneeded lights
  • Use natural lighting instead of electric lighting whenever possible
  • Use task lighting instead of ambient light sources

Computers, Monitors, and Printers

  • Keep off unless in use
  • Enable power management “sleep mode” features

Heating and Cooling

  • Dress appropriate to the season and keep thermostats at 68 in the winter and 76 for air conditioned spaces in the summer
  • During the heating season, open blinds, drapes and curtains to let sun in or, if no sun, close them to keep the heat in. During the cooling season close blinds, drapes and curtains where available to block sun
  • Use hot water sparingly

Windows and Doors

  • Keep windows and doors closed in heated and air conditioned areas
  • Close vestibule doors when propped open

Report energy waste to Bill Batina, University Energy Manager, extension 2775. Or email energy questions to: