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Resource Guide For Adjunct Faculty

Academic Matters

Academic Integrity statement from the Student Handbook (PDF) should be in the syllabus:

Students are required to be honest and ethical in satisfying their academic assignments and requirements. Academic integrity requires that, except as may be authorized by the instructor, a student must demonstrate independent intellectual and academic achievements. Therefore, when a student uses or relies upon an idea or material obtained from another source, proper credit or attribution must be given. A failure to give credit or attribution to ideas or material obtained from an outside source is plagiarism. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Every student is responsible for giving the proper credit or attribution for any quotation, idea, data, or other material obtained from another source that is presented (whether orally or in writing) in the student’s papers, reports, submissions, examinations, presentations and the like.

Individual schools and programs may have adopted additional standards of academic integrity. Therefore, students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the academic integrity policies of the University as well as of the individual schools and programs in which they are enrolled. A student who fails to comply with the standards of academic integrity is subject to disciplinary actions such as, but not limited to, a reduction in the grade for the assignment or the course, a failing grade in the assignment or the course, suspension and/or dismissal from the University. View the Pace University Academic Integrity Code (PDF). Adjunct faculty members and part-time instructors who in good faith have reason to believe that there has been a violation of the Academic Integrity Code, have a moral obligation to report this information to the Chair of the Academic Conduct Committee via email and should copy the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs on such email.

Academic Scheduling

Classroom assignments can be found online at Class Schedule. Once listed, you can click on the CRN link for your course in order to see your assigned room number. Typically, room assignments are available a week before the start of the semester. Should you require a classroom equipped with specific types of furniture and/or special equipment, you should contact your faculty representative. If a classroom change must be made for a special event, proper authorization should be obtained from the Department chairperson and the OSA University director of academic scheduling. To help inform students not aware of a last minute change the pertinent information should be written on the board and announced electronically via Blackboard. Permanent change of classroom must be made through the OSA University director of academic scheduling on the appropriate campus.

Academic Support for Students

Pace University provides students with support and resources to complement their academic experience.

  • Academic Advising
    Understanding degree requirements, choosing courses, and registering for classes can be confusing. Although students have the ultimate responsibility for knowing and meeting degree requirements, they do not have to navigate the system alone. Seeking help from an adviser is required.
  • Advising Center for Exploring Majors
    The mission of this Center is to help undecided students explore their interests, skills and goals so that they can make an informed choice of major.
  • Center for Academic Excellence
    The Center for Academic Excellence is the comprehensive academic support network at Pace University that can guide students through their academic and social transitions to college while helping them move forward to graduation.
  • Co-op and Career Services
    • The Cooperative Education Program is one of the nation’s leading internship and the largest in the New York metropolitan area among four-year colleges. It enables students to combine academic study with paid and non-paid internships that directly relate to career interests while they pursue their degrees. Positions are available part-time during the school year and full-time or part-time during the summer. The program also offers cooperative Education to international students.
    • Career Services is committed to support student career development and employment success through an extensive array of resources and programs. The experienced counselors work with students to provide individual career advisement and personalized job search strategies. The program also offer specialized workshops and web-based knowledge resources.
  • Honors College
    The Pforzheimer Honors College is a community of talented undergraduate scholars studying under distinguished faculty. The Honors College is open to all majors within the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Lubin School of Business, the School of Education, the College of Health Professions and the School of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS).
  • Libraries
    Birnbaum Library in NYC, Mortola Library in Pleasantville, and Law School Library in White Plains, provides an array of material and digital resources in support of classroom teaching, collaborative and interactive learning, independent study, scholarly research, and lifelong learning, in its three locations and online. Various services are available to students in person at the Reference Desk, online, via email, and by phone. Study group rooms are also available to students.
  • New Student Checklist
    Students should review the New Student Checklist for important steps for account activation, access to systems, familiarizing policies, and more.
  • Student IT Resources
    ITS representatives are available by phone, email, and live chat to assist students with any technology related questions or concerns.
  • Student Accessibility Services
    Assistance is available to students with disabilities through the Student Accessibility Services to enable them to have equal access to Pace University's educational programs and facilities.
  • Tutoring Services
    • The Learning Assistance Center at Pace University, found on both the NYC and Westchester campuses, offers superior tutorial service in multiple subject areas including accounting, economics, languages, sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), computing, mathematics, and more. Selected areas of graduate tutoring in Business and for the PA Program is available at the NYC campus. Free tutoring is available both in person and online for specific subject areas and no appointment is necessary. The center is part of Center of Academic Excellence.
    • The Writing Center in NYC and Pleasantville offers free writing consultation services to all Pace students, as well as the entire campus community. It helps throughout the entire writing process. One-on-one sessions and small groups can be scheduled.

Bookstores: Books for all of Pace's courses are available through the Pace online bookstore. Since it may take a week or longer to receive these books through the mail, you should encourage your students to order their books at least one week before the semester begins. That means that you should email them the course syllabus and reading list as early as possible.

All textbooks orders can be submitted by instructors online at FacultyEnlight (at NYC campus the physical store will no longer sell textbooks, a new digital locker system will be implemented on the NYC campus and in the residence halls to make delivering all packages to students quicker and make it easier for students to have their textbooks delivered to campus.) To learn more about FacultyEnlight, view the introductory video here to get started. To get started in your search, go to the Barnes & Noble Pace store. Or, you may prefer to set up a profile. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to call at (914) 773-3761 or email the bookstore.

Commencement: Join the Pace community as we celebrate commencement and all that the students have accomplished.

Pace University Library

Pace University Library: Adjunct Faculty Resources

Pace University Support for Non-Native English Speakers (PDF)

Research Support: The Office of Research provides support, resources and assistance for research-related activities at Pace University, including external research funding and research protections (e.g., IRB, IACUC). The office hosts workshops and lectures to disseminate information about funding opportunities, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and help the community to learn about the cutting-edge research being conducted at Pace.

For those of you engaged in research with human subjects or non-human animals, the Office of Research website provides guidance on preparing and submitting applications to the Institutional Review Board or IACUC for review.

As a faculty member at Pace, you and your students have access to the online CITI program modules for training on research ethics and responsible conduct of research. These can be incorporated into courses and laboratory instruction. There is a guide with step-by-step instructions for registration (PDF).

Pace University has a subscription to the Pivot database, which is a resource for identifying relevant funding opportunities for research, scholarship, teaching, and creative activities.  When you save your search queries through Pivot, you can receive automatic weekly funding alerts that notify you of any new or updated opportunities that match your search.