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Tenure and Promotion Workshop

The Faculty Center is facilitating Tenure and Promotion Workshop for faculty applying for tenure and/or promotion in the 2019-2020 academic year.

New York City Campus

Date: April 12th, 2019 
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location:  NYC Aniello Bianco Room

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Faculty who are intending to go up for Tenure and/or Promotion (TAP) for the 2019-2020 year need to contact their School Representatives and submit a Letter of Intent to them with a copy to the Dean's Office by May 1. Refer to the Provost website for deadlines and guidelines.


External evaluation letters are strongly recommended for all tenure and/or promotion applications. They provide the Pace committees an objective and impartial evaluation of the value and impact of the candidate’s work within the discipline. The external letters help to establish whether each candidate for associate professor has achieved an emerging reputation and that each candidate for full professor has achieved a sustained professional reputation as demonstrated by a well-established and cumulative body of work in rank.

To provide each candidate maximal opportunity for success, at least three (3) external letters are strongly recommended for either tenure and/or promotion from assistant to associate professor, or promotion from associate to full professor.

The candidate will determine the dossier components to be sent to the external evaluators for review, and is encouraged to submit sections related to teaching, scholarship and service. The minimal dossier components sent for review will include the curriculum vitae, executive summary, scholarship statement, and scholarship materials.

Suggestions on criteria for selecting External References: 

The candidate will prepare a list of external evaluators who are in academia on the basis of:

  • their ability to comment on the candidate's professional accomplishments
  • who are expected to hold at least the rank for which the candidate is being considered
  • recognizing that the value of external evaluation letters is greatly enhanced by the objectivity and credibility of the author
  • satisfy an “arms-length” relationship from the candidate

Evaluators do not have to be scholars in the identical sub-specialty as the candidate, however their specialty should be broadly related to the candidate’s sub-specialty and they must have the ability to assess the impact of a candidate’s scholarly or creative activities. Letters from full professors are preferred.

The candidate is recommended to select the external evaluators such that they satisfy an “arms-length” relationship, i.e. should be as independent as possible from the candidate. These “arms-length” external evaluators should have no or very limited personal, professional or academic relationships with the candidate that would cause them to be invested in the candidate’s promotion. Specific examples of “arms-length” evaluators to avoid when recruiting these external evaluators include former or current dissertation advisors, mentors or employers, and students, co-authors or scholarly collaborators in the last five years. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that evaluators are objective and credible. Candidates are recommended to choose possible external evaluators from faculty at our peer and aspirant-level institutions.