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Faculty Center

Teaching Technique Workshop

The Faculty Center, in collaboration with School of Education Faculty, offers a 5-day synchronous workshop that is intended to help faculty prepare materials and learning strategies for the upcoming semester. It focuses on blended learning and teaching, as well as synchronous and asynchronous online delivery of instruction and tools. Each participant will work on a particular course they plan on teaching in the upcoming semester and will produce a workable syllabus, measurable learning objectives, rubric, and learning assessment/activity. On the last day of the workshop, participants are required to prepare a 5 minute micro-teach demo. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be matched with a faculty mentor for follow-up throughout the upcoming semester.

The Workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Setting Expectations and Creating a Course Culture from Day One
  • Course Design Elements: Syllabi, Welcome Letter, Rubrics, Goals vs. Objectives, and Engaging Assessment
  • Instructional Design: Beginning at the End with Backward Design
  • Differentiating Instruction: Reaching the Diverse Students in Our Classrooms
  • How Do We Know Effective Teaching When We See It? Peer Observations of Teaching

The next workshop will take place January, 2021 through Classes and Zoom. Registration link will be available soon.

Facilitators: Jennifer Pankowski, Betsy Smith, Joan Walker, and Ally Kimmel
Phone: Ally Kimmel: (212) 346-1471

Learning Objectives: Learning objectives identify what students/participants must do to demonstrate that they have successfully learned course content. Objectives are to be measurable, direct, and use actionable verbs. The learning objectives for this workshop are to:

  • Identify faculty responsibilities throughout their years at Pace
  • Explain how to create a classroom culture and community
  • Identify aspects and important information in a syllabus
  • Comment on the main reasons rubrics are used
  • Explain active learning
  • Create a dynamic syllabus for your upcoming course
  • Develop a rubric for your course or for one of your assignments
  • Prepare an engaging learning assessment/assignment
  • Identify learning modalities and their various methodologies for teaching
  • Recognize and choose effective teaching strategies for differentiating instruction
  • Demonstrate an effective first-day discussion/lecture