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Resource Guide For Adjunct Faculty And Part-Time Instructors

The Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching and Professional Development

Mission Statement

The Faculty Center is a key resource within the Office of Academic Affairs that promotes and provides various professional development opportunities to all faculty. As the educational environment continually evolves, the Center is committed to support teaching as a scholarly process focused on fostering significant learning for all students, simultaneously recognizing and rewarding faculty who practice scholarly teaching. A primary goal for the Center is to cultivate and support a vibrant university culture that values excellence in teaching and learning. The Center recognizes that students benefit from teachers who practice innovative teaching and that no one is better situated to conduct the scholarship of teaching than those engaged with students on a regular basis. In addition the Center offers workshops, consultations and mentoring that support faculty development especially in the area of tenure and promotion, as well as post-tenure including professional leadership development. The Center supports all faculty inclined to conduct scholarship and research in order to succeed.


Unless otherwise provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Pace University and the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace, Adjunct faculty members and part-time instructors will not be compensated for the time spent utilizing the University’s professional development services.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)Pace University is now an institutional member of the NCFDD. The independent center provides professional development, training, and mentorship opportunities to more than 83,000 members representing colleges and universities in the United States. As an institutional member, faculty members and academic professionals from all ranks can enroll in a free sub-account membership to get access to the center’s online resources which include workshops, webinars, and seminars on topics related to faculty life, such as increasing writing productivity, prioritizing and managing time, cultivating mentors, securing external funding, and maintaining work-life balance.

Digital Studio is a dedicated workspace that faculty can use to create content for their online courses. With training and support, faculty can create lectures, multimedia, and other digital course content for their own course(s), or collaboratively with their colleagues. Faculty can consult with an instructional designer to plan, design, and implement various technologies into their teaching curriculum. Each studio has lighting, camera, smartboard, whiteboard and panel tables that can be used for a classroom setup or recorded panel discussion. There is a Faculty Digital Studio located in both New York City and Pleasantville.

Faculty Center Blog is for Pace faculty to read about professional development opportunities and techniques, instructional strategies, technological tools, accessibility information, and educational resources. The blog also has resources that Pace faculty can use for their course content and online design.

Instructional Design Consultations: Before you begin to prepare your online course, the Faculty Center has prepared some information to review that will help you in the design of your courses. We can go over rubric development, syllabus development, and pedagogy, We also hold a week-long online certification workshop that prepares instructors to teach online.

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized set of standards designed to certify the quality of online and hybrid/blended courses. The staff in the Faculty Center are QM certified and are able to, in partner with a faculty subject matter expert, provide feedback on course design and layout. The QM review focuses on providing substantive, constructive, and measurable recommendations with regard to course strengths and areas of improvement and examining clarity, organization, and other components of a course from a student’s perspective.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey software for faculty, staff, and students. It is available to support research, teaching, and administration at Pace University. Qualtrics was selected by a group of faculty and staff because it combines exceptional ease of use with an advanced set of features. All Pace members are able to sign using their MyPace Portal credentials.

Syllabus and Rubrics: Every successful course begins with a clear syllabus, which contains the course description, objectives, requirements, deadlines and assessment methods. Having a clear syllabus is even more essential in an online or web-assisted course when students may be unclear about expectations. We encourage faculty to move beyond a basic outline of weekly assignments to create a comprehensive document, which will inform and guide students throughout the entire semester.

A tool commonly used to grade, but also to provide feedback, is known as a Rubric. A rubric is a scoring scale consisting of a set of criteria that describe what expectations are being assessed and/or evaluated. They also include descriptions of levels of quality used to evaluate student’s work or to guide them to desired performance levels. Rubrics can be attached to assignments that specifically detail what is asked of them and the corresponding grades, large papers, or projects. Establishing grading standards for the Discussion Board can best be done through a rubric.

Samples and templates of these tools can be downloaded from the Faculty Center Blog or our syllabus and rubrics tab.

Teaching Consultations: A one-to-one relationship with an experienced colleague is often an effective way for instructors to tune up their approach to the classroom and other instructional encounters. Contact the Faculty Center if you would like to find a colleague who would be willing to talk with you about teaching concerns and insights in teaching, or perhaps sit in on a class or review videotape of your performance.


Unless otherwise provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Pace University and the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace, time spent at professional development events is not compensable.

Faculty Institute is a two-day annual event, held at the New York City or Pleasantville Campus (alternating yearly). The institute is an opportunity for professional development and to present on topics of research or interest.

Instructional Development Day is dedicated to developing ideas for your upcoming courses. Additional workshops are offered throughout the day to enhance pedagogical skills. Open to all Pace faculty, these workshops are designed for both first-time and experienced instructors.

Teaching Circles are designed to help faculty examine an existing course with an eye toward making it more engaging and active for student learning. All sessions are video conferenced between the Pleasantville and New York City campuses.

Teaching Effectively Online Seminar introduces instructional design theory and the basics of what it takes to develop and teach a course online. In this week-long online asynchronous seminar, participants experience first-hand what it is like to be an online learner. Through completing each module, participants learn pedagogical concepts, trends, and mechanics of online teaching. This is offered twice a year right before the start of each semester in January and August. This is facilitated by The Faculty Center. All instructors who are teaching an online course (even if you have taught face-to-face for many years) are encouraged to register for the this seminar.

More Events from the Faculty Center include workshops and seminars for Pace adjunct and full-time faculty offered by the Faculty Center, as well as events and workshops from external institutions that are open to Pace University faculty.

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