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The Faculty Institute

Look in a typical Pace first-year class. Count the number of students you see. Now fast forward to commencement 4 years later. Nearly half of those first-year students are not there. Their seats are empty. Why?

This year's Faculty Institute takes a close look at the question, "Who Gets to Graduate from Pace and Why?" At the heart of this question is the issue of student retention. The Institute will examine a range of factors related to retention including those within the university's control--engaging and rigorous instruction, strong faculty-student interactions--and at those that may not be open to our influence including students' readiness for college, their expectations about the college experience, and their motivations for enrolling.

Consistent with this theme we welcome proposals for interactive workshops and presentations that address:

  • Who are the Pace Students
  • Teaching Strategies for Student Success
  • Faculty – Student Mentoring
  • Faculty – Student Undergraduate Research
  • Developing and Fostering Community
  • Service Learning
  • Learning Communities
  • First-Year Experience
  • Deep Learning
  • Collaboration in the Classroom
  • Student Diversity
  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Global Learnings
  • Internships
  • Capstone Courses