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Faculty Institute

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Teaching and Motivating Students to Learn

The 18th Annual Faculty Institute will take place May 21st and 22nd 2019 on the New York City Campus.  As you know, the purpose of the yearly Faculty Institute is to promote faculty excellence and collaboration by offering faculty an opportunity for dialog with colleagues throughout the university.

This year’s Institute explores pedagogies for expanding and motivating student learning and offers insights into how classroom interaction and exchange can be a vital part of the learning process.

The Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, a Biology professor at the University of Rhode Island who was featured recently in The Chronicle of Higher Education , will speak about the important role faculty play in students’ lives. Dr. Dewsbury’s presentation, in addition to Pace faculty workshops, will offer critical opportunities to reflect on teaching and motivating students to learn.

This call for proposals invites presentations and interactive workshops that address any of the following topics:   

  • Thinking about our thinking: Teaching, motivation and metacognition
  • Motivating students in a technology-enabled environment
  • Demonstrating students’ skills for use across courses, disciplines, and beyond
  • Using Assessment to enrich learning in the classroom
  • Best practices for graduates / post-graduates
  • Engaging with students beyond the classroom
  • Meeting students’ learning needs - Differentiated instruction and assessment.
  • Motivational course designs and presentations of course content
  • Providing critical feedback in ways that enhance motivation and persistence
  • How to capture and maintain student interest
  • How to motivate students in an online environment
  • Enhance student learning through research
  • Non-classroom based learning

Proposals should describe a 45-minute interactive session that demonstrates innovative, interdisciplinary and unconventional efforts that faculty, staff, and students can use to advance the Institute’s theme of Teaching and Motivating Students to Learn.  Your proposal should outline how you intend to make your session interactive and include your goals and outcomes for the session.

Deadline for submissions is March 25th