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Academic Continuity Plan


A catastrophic event may result in the official suspension of face-to-face classes at one or all of the Pace University campuses. The nature of the events/disruptions will determine the conditions under which instruction may be impacted. While the specifics of the conditions may vary, one or more of the following general conditions may be the impetus for enacting the plan:

  • Loss of teaching and learning facilities including loss of public infrastructure or access to our facilities. Classes may need to be held at alternative locations or online.
  • Significant reduction in faculty, staff and student attendance related to illness, natural disasters, or other events.
  • Need for "social distancing" to provide instruction without face-to-face contact (Pandemic).

The following recommendations should serve as guidelines to continue instruction both when internet and/or computer access will be accessible and when internet and/or a computer will not be available. When distance education is not a viable option, our multi-campus environment may also allow for the use facilities on an alternate campus or require identification of suitable off-campus space to continue academic programs.

It is important to note that Pace University’s Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) has a Disaster Recovery Plan in place which provides backup servers. This plan should ensure a conversion to online instructions via Blackboard. This Academic Continuity Plan (Plan) also addresses conditions when the online solution is not viable.

View a copy of the Academic Continuity Plan (PDF) in its entirety.