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Action Plan

Elements of the Plan

  • An action plan has been developed to address continuation of student learning during a catastrophic event to minimize student confusion, list expectations and facilitate continued instruction.
  • The Plan suggests that an emergency readiness statement be included in each course syllabus with clear cut instruction to be followed if a disruption occurs.
  • All faculty should be prepared to utilize Blackboard and alternate methods for delivery of course material.
  • Team teaching and course sharing methods should be developed to address faculty shortage and overload situations.
  • Departmental plans should be developed to deal with courses that present challenges during a catastrophic event such as labs and clinical components.
  • Existing departmental plans, such as the University Library’s Business Continuity Plan, will be put into action, observing the protocols and procedures, as established and defined by said respective departments.
  • The Plan will assist students to continue work toward timely matriculation and graduation.


This Plan anticipates the use of alternate methods for delivery of course material and for student-faculty communication. At the beginning of each semester, faculty should solicit students for alternative means of communication (form available on navigation menu to the right). The catastrophic readiness statement outlined in each course syllabus should proactively instruct students on how course specific changes in delivery format and/or venue can be accessed in the event of an emergency situation. The statement should include specific actions and timelines and include instructions to access online course material that can be utilized until normal operating procedures resume and facility access has been restored. Students should be advised to go to the Pace homepage for emergency instructions.

Example of Syllabus Statement

In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to change when necessitated by revised course delivery, semester calendar or other circumstances. Information about changes in this course can be obtained at the Blackboard course web wage or be contacting my email address: or my office phone/cell xxx-xxx-xxxx. If the course is not able to meet face-to-face, students should immediately log onto Blackboard and read any announcements and/or alternative assignment. Students are also encouraged to continue the readings and other assignments as outlined on this syllabus or subsequent syllabi.

Again, faculty must become familiar with Blackboard and other internet based technology prior to a catastrophic event. Faculty should contact the Faculty Center for assistance on how to use Blackboard and getting their course material uploaded. The Blackboard Help site should also be used as a key resource for faculty and students.