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Frequently Asked Questions

Blackboard and Course Support FAQ

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is an interactive online learning management system that enables instructors to post course content, provide online assessments, communicate with students, set up tests and quizzes, post and manage grades, and much more.

How do I get a Blackboard account?
All newly hired faculty should have access to Blackboard with their Pace email and password. If you are unable to log in, please create a Help Desk ticket.

If I have a technical issue with certain Pace software or my email, who do I contact?
ITS should be your resource for all technical difficulty issues. Please create a Help Desk ticket to receive assistance or call ITS: | (914) 773-3333.

What if I have a question regarding Blackboard’s tools/features?
The Office of Academic Technology is the resource for assistance on using Blackboard and its tools, adding course content, creating tests, using the email feature, and addressing any functional issues. Please create a Help Desk ticket or emaill to receive assistance.

Where can I get help on my syllabus and rubric?
The Faculty Center provides samples of syllabi and rubrics, and can help with creating one for your course. Contact the or call (212) 346-1722. Please click on the Creating a Syllabus and Rubrics link to access a sample syllabus and for more information.

Can I get help with a course or instructional design?
Yes, The Faculty Center is here to provide any pedagogical support, instructional design, digital creation, help with online standards, and more. You may email or call (212) 346-1722.

How can I get supplies for my classroom?
General office supplies, including whiteboard markers and erasers, may be obtained from your departmental administrative assistant. If you need digital supplies, please contact Educational Media at

How can I reserve books for my classes?
Go to to create a username and password and select the books you would like to reserve.

If I want to create a research study through Qualtrics, who do I contact?
The Faculty Center provides assistance with navigating Qualtrics, including creating different types of questions, using logic and survey flow, distributing the survey, and gathering and reading reports. Contact Ally Kimmel at the Faculty Center: or call (212) 346-1471.

What if I have a technical problem or an issue logging into Qualtrics?
Contact Ally Kimmel at the Faculty Center. or call (212) 346-1471.

Can I attend a Qualtrics workshop or session?
Ally Kimmel from the Faculty Center can provide tutorials and in-person workshops on Qualtrics. Contact Ally Kimmel at the Faculty Center. or call (212) 346-1471.

How do I create a test or quiz online?
Here are tutorials on how to do many different things in Blackboard: (Blackboard also has the ability for math functions.) Contact the Office of Academic Technology for help.

How can I give access to Blackboard to a guest speaker, or someone from outside of Pace?
Create a Help Desk ticket.

What is the copyright policy?
The increasing prevalence of online learning in academia draws much concern on the limitations imposed on materials transmitted electronically. Information on licensing and permission to use copyrighted materials in the online environment is provided as well as a link to a sample permission letter. Articles written by librarians, lawyers and organizations are also presented.

Can I scan a book and put the files on Blackboard for my students in a course?
You may legally scan portions of books and place them on your Blackboard course if copies of the materials are legally acquired and restricted to those enrolled in class, the scanning is limited to portions and is not used to replace purchase of materials. In most cases you will need to seek permission if you intend to use large amounts or use materials over many semesters. The Pace Library may have a license or it may it already available through online from the Library. There are different rules for face-to-face courses and online. There’s no copyright if the book is in the public domain.

What services does the Library offer for Pace faculty?
The libraries at Pace offer help to faculty for research, course content, Open Educational Resources, essays and research projects assigned to students, teaching support, and more.

How can I participate in videoconferencing?
Videoconferencing is available through Education Media. Some classrooms already have videoconferencing and other digital tools installed. Contact Ed Media for options and more information.

Where can I make digital content or record lectures?
The digital studio, on both campuses, offers faculty the ability to record videos and audios. Schedule an appointment for a recording or contact the Faculty Center for more information.

What can I use to hold a virtual classroom session?
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a great platform for synchronous sessions online. It also allows to record sessions and watch later for those who couldn’t attend. Contact the Office of Academic Technology for more information.

How can I record my desktop and/or myself?
Blackboard has a tool called Kaltura that allows to record desktop, screenshare, feedback, voice, and video. Contact the Office of Academic Technology for more information.

If I’m teaching something that requires knowledge of Excel or something else, is there an online tutorial students can take to brush up on these skills?
Yes, Pace University subscribes to LinkedIn Learning. This website provides online courses and tutorials from Windows and Mac Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Photoshop, to learning style theories to photography and more. You can add a course from LinkedIn Learning into your Blackboard for your students to take. Contact the Office of Academic Technology for more information.

How can I find the roster, including pictures, of my students?
On Blackboard, go to “Organization Tools” in the menu on the left side and click on “Course Photo Roster.” Contact the Office of Academic Technology for more information.

Student Support Related FAQ

Where do my students go if they need help with writing?
The Writing Centers are available for all Pace students and faculty and staff. In addition to tutorial services in writing, the Writing Center provides assistance with essays, papers, and research projects. It also provides instructors of Writing Enhanced courses with assistance and resources. In Westchester, the Writing Center is located in Miller Hall Room 15B. In New York City, the Writing Center is located in One Pace Plaza in Room Y-25.

What kind of tutoring services are available?
Tutoring is available for almost any course or subject, including math, accounting, science, and English. Contact the Learning Assistance Center for more information.

Will I be able to know if a student is falling behind in my class?
There are a few things that can help you know if a student needs help. You can use the Grade Center feature in Blackboard to keep track of assignments and tests per student, use Starfish to take attendance and raise a flag of concern, you can also take attendance using the tool Qwickly Attendance in Blackboard (PDF), or send out early-semester (anonymous) evaluations through Qualtrics. Contact the Office of Academic Technology for more information.

Disability Related FAQ are located on the Office of Disability Services website.

Miscellaneous Related FAQ

How can I get from the NYC Campus to the PLV Campus?
There is transportation between campuses available on a daily basis. Please contact the transportation office for more information.

Where do I report a classroom or faculty office maintenance issue or request?
Create a Help Desk ticket for any Building & Grounds concerns.

Can I attend a Faculty Center event or workshop?
Almost all the events and workshops provided by the Faculty Center are free and open to all of Pace faculty.

What is the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology?
In 2002, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology was established that provided support in a rapidly changing teaching/learning environment. In 2015, the center merged with the Center for Faculty Development, creating The Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching & Professional Development. The new Center seeks to engage all faculty in an active role and offers faculty resources for teaching, experimentation, research and scholarship. Unless otherwise provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Pace University and the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace, time spent at Faculty Center events and workshops is not compensable.

Can I offer a travel course?
Faculty members who interested in offering travel courses should consult first with their department chair. Faculty-led courses offer a study abroad experience organized and led by Pace University faculty. Students pay Pace tuition in addition to the program fee and other expenses, dependent on the program.