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Sexual Harassment Training

All new staff and faculty are required to complete an on-line Sexual Harassment training module within the first 30 days of hire. You will be receiving an email within the first 2 weeks of hire from Workplace Answers with a link to this training program. You are required to complete the training within the first 30 days of employment. Upon a successful score of 85 or above, print out your certificate to retain with your personal records.

Support for New Parents 

If you are pregnant, depending on when your due date falls relative to the semester, you may receive a short-term medical disability leave following your delivery.  For the balance of that semester (if the medical disability leave falls within the fall or spring semesters) you may qualify for a release from teaching courses; in such cases, the department chair assigns administrative work that can be done from home.  See section D 30 (Leaves—Faculty returning from Disability or Family Medical Leave Act Leave) in the Faculty Handbook. 

If you have been employed by Pace at least 12 months, and you become a parent (through birth, or by adoption, or otherwise acquired legal custodial care of a child under the age of 6), then you can qualify for a Parental Leave.  “Leave” in this context doesn’t mean that you are released from all teaching, but instead receive a two-course reduction on your regular teaching load for one semester; in addition, you cannot be required to do committee work or service (beyond typical student advising and holding office hours) that requires your presence on campus.  For faculty who give birth, the Parental Leave semester typically follows the semester in which you had short-term medical disability leave.  For all other new parents, the Parental Leave semester can be taken in the semester in which you became a parent or in the semester immediately following the birth, adoption, or newly established legal custodial care.  For details, see section D 30 of the Faculty Handbook (Leaves—Faculty Parental Leave Policy)

If you are a tenure-track faculty member and you become a parent, or are the primary caregiver of a child or family member who has a health crisis of extended duration, you may qualify for tenure-clock stoppage, which will postpone your tenure date by one academic year.  For details of how to apply for tenure clock stoppage, see section D 7 of the Faculty Handbook (Tenure Clock Stoppage).