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Open Educational Resource Grant

The Provost is once again pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for faculty grants in researching and creating open educational based resources to be used in a class beginning in the Fall 2020 semester or sooner. It has been well documented that the costs of traditional textbooks are a financial burden on students. The grants are to provide faculty with funding to create an alternative free textbook and/or other online, digitized, or other no-cost course materials for students to be used in new or existing courses. There will be ten grants with a maximum award of $1,000.00 each. Grants can be combined if a team of faculty are developing free textbooks/resources for multiple sections of the same course.

Faculty that create and adopt open educational resources as an alternative textbook will be designated in the semester schedule as having a free textbook with no purchasing of supplemental materials required.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are defined as high-quality curricular materials that are free to students and are available “open” to faculty to use with no copyright limitations. Information on OER can be found by clicking the following link - Click Here for OER Information

Online applications should be submitted by Friday, October 25, 2019. Priority will be given to high enrollment courses. We also ask that you include a short letter from your department chair or program coordinator, confirming that you will be assigned to teach the course you’re preparing OER materials for, during or before Spring 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Constantino at There will be a review committee to award the grants.

The Fall and Spring semesters can be used to research and gather resource materials. All materials must be compiled and ready for implementation in a course that will be taught in the Fall 2020 semester or Spring 2021.

A final assessment report will be required by the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30, 2021).

Please use the link below to apply:

Click Here for Online Applications