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Online Learning

How You Will Take Classes

Pace University faculty and staff utilize Blackboard for their online courses.

The nature of computer-based and online courses is completely different from the traditional classroom environment specifically in terms of modes of delivery and interaction. While online courses do offer maximum flexibility, they also require technical skills, self-discipline and good reading and writing skills, as well as a willingness to work independently. Online courses at Pace University run on a semester basis, as do most traditional classes. Each has a specific start and end date. Most classes last about 15 weeks and each week brings new lectures and assignments. Assignments might include readings, quizzes, review of Web sites, participation in discussion boards, problems, projects or papers. Some courses will have midterms and finals, while others may have projects that take place over several weeks.

  • In many ways taking one of Pace's online classes is no different than taking a traditional class. Online classes have the same objectives, tuition, and academic credit as do their counterparts. You still have an instructor, textbooks, classmates, homework assignments and exams.
  • Online courses also offer the same rigorous workload you'd expect in a traditional setting. You should plan to spend the same amount of time in an online class as you would in any other campus-based course. Typically you would spend approximately 9 to 12 hours a week for each 3 to 4-credit course.
  • The main difference, of course, is that you will not be tied to the structure of the typical class that meets at a particular place on a regular basis. You'll have the flexibility to complete your workload each week when and where it is convenient for you.

What is a Web Assisted Class?

Some classes at Pace University are Web Assisted classes. This means that the class is a combination of the traditional class and an online class. You will know if the class is a hybrid class if there are meeting dates specified within the course catalog. It will also have a "WA" designation - which means that it is Web Assisted. Classes that are 100% online will be listed as WWW, for World Wide Web. If you are taking a Web Assisted course you should consult the online Room Directory located within MyPacePortal for the date, time and location your class will meet.

On Online Learning Community & Orientation was created to prepare students for the online learning experience. It includes Blackboard tutorials and handouts as well as information about the resources available to online students. All students enrolled in online courses are automatically placed in this community. To find the orientation, log into Blackboard and click on the Community tab > Online Learning Orientation.

How to navigate the Online Orientation

Email is an important aspect of online learning. After registering for classes for the first time, you will be assigned a Pace email account. To access your email account, go to Your email username and password are the same as those used to log in to the MyPace Portal and Blackboard.

Important Note

All Blackboard correspondence will be sent to your Pace email account. To have your Pace email forwarded to another email account, go to and click on the link for email forwarding.