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Faculty Center

Faculty Awards

Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence
Presented to faculty by their colleagues in recognition of classroom performance, understanding of students, high standards of intellectual integrity, and ability to serve as an inspiration. Read more

Homer and Charles Pace Faculty Award
The Homer and Charles Pace Faculty Award pays tribute to one of our distinguished faculty member who has dedicated his or her career to Pace and our students. Read more

The Jefferson Award for Public Service
The Jefferson Award for Public Service were established as a way to recognize those individuals whose community volunteer efforts best exemplify dedication to enhancing the quality of life in their community. Read more

STAR Award
This Presidential award is given to a staff or faculty member (or a team) who has consistently and substantially contributed to the development of a strong financial foundation or effective management. Read more

President’s Extra Mile for Customer Service Award
This award celebrates one who consistently go the extra mile to meet the needs of the customers they serve. While these "customers" will often be Pace students, faculty, or staff, they may also include their families, parents, alumni, donors, and those in Pace's affiliated communities. Candidates in this category are known for meeting and exceeding expectations, developing effective relationships, and using resources creatively to achieve outstanding results. Read more

University Faculty Awards for Distinguished Service
Only Awarded for distinguished and lasting service to the University consistent with the its mission and in pursuit of the strategic goal of advancing the academic programs during the academic year. The faculty member(s) must have a demonstrated track record in actively participating in the various forums of school -based or University -wide governance and service structures. Consideration will be given to faculty whose efforts have enhanced the learning /working environment or student retention efforts. Read more

Student Advisor Award Individual
Awarded to faculty members who perform their advising responsibilities with distinction and show evidence of effective advising among students and colleagues. Read more

Diversity Leadership Award
Awarded to an individual or team that has demonstrated outstanding best practices and commitment to diversity which has resulted in enrichment of the learning or work environment during the fiscal year 2012. The diversity definition reaches beyond race/ethnicity/nationality, to include the cultures of gender, gender identity, poverty, violence, differing abilities and aging and including initiatives on inclusion, social justice, community building and empowerment, mentoring, scholarly endeavors. Read more